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December 2002

We know what it's like. You get busy and forget to check http://www.elcic.ca for new and interesting resources. Also, as our website grows, it takes longer to check out all the information.

E–Communiqué, our free e–mail bulletin, will appear in your email in–box approximately every 9 weeks, alerting you to new and seasonally–appropriate resources on the ELCIC website.

Follow the live links in this bulletin to read, print, cut and paste or link to other sites. If you prefer to receive the resources in print, order using the information below.

We encourage you to send us the email addresses of other leaders in your congregation who could benefit from this information. Of course, you can stop receiving it at any time by sending us the message "Unsubscribe E–Communiqué" with your first and last name or the name of your church and city.

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany resources: Visit http://www.worship.ca/christmas.html for links that lead to devotional possibilities, Advent calendars, family prayer guides, and the like. A few sites offer liturgical helps or rites. Sorry, but this resource requires a computer. We cannot offer the material in print.

From the Treasurer:The bonding insurance for congregations that the national office carries will be terminated March 31, 2003. This coverage can no longer be purchased by the national office as it has no control over congregational finances. Therefore, all congregations should have a rider added to their existing policy which includes an appropriate amount of bonding. For further information regarding the group package for congregational insurance, visit http://www.elcic.ca/parish/support/insurance.html or contact Doreen Lecuyer at dlecuyer@elcic.ca or 1.888.786.6707 ext 178.

A payroll preparation package is available for our congregations through Ceridian. (50% discount on set up fees and a 15% discount on other regular fees) Special forms have been developed to assist congregations in getting set up properly for clergy payroll. See http://www.elcic.ca/parish/support/payroll.html or contact Doreen Lecuyer at 1.888.786.6707 ext 178.

A January mailing to all Congregational ELWs and ELCIC Congregations will emphasize the 2003 Lutheran World Federation Assembly theme, "For the Healing of the World." This will include the new ELW Praise Offering Service and Meditation as well as an ELCIC Village Voices (EVV) packet of ten information/discussion resources prepared by ELW staff to acquaint ELCIC members with the Assembly Village Groups that will discuss ten aspects of the healing theme. All ELCIC congregations (even those without a Co–ELW) are urged to include a Praise Offering Service in their worship plans for 2003. Congregations/Co–ELWs are encouraged to work through at least three or four of the EVV resources and send feedback from their discussions to ELCIC Village Voices, c/o ELW, 302–393 Portage Ave., Winnipeg MB R3B 3H6 for sharing with the ELCIC delegates to the LWF Assembly.

Youth The Lutheran World Federation Youth Magazine September 2002 includes articles on Connections–The First National Young Adults Conference written by our own Teri–Lyn D Ward. (Way to go Teri–Lyn). The Young Church Leaders Profile features NPC program coordinator Jenny Dewar and ELCIC missionary to El Salvador Rev. Brian Rude. Check out the LWF Youth in Church and Society web site at http://www.lutheranworld.org/What_We_Do/DMD/Women_and_Youth/DMD-Youth.html. Send for a free subscription to YICAS–DMD, The Lutheran World Federation, P.O. Box 2100, CH–1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland or tv@lutheranworld.org

A Lectionary Calendar for the church year 2002–03 has been mailed to every congregation from Synod Offices. Extra copies are available from the National Office Orders Desk #1708A $1.00

With Many Voices contains the stories of pioneer women in ordained ministry in Canada. The book, written by Dr. Dianne Kieren and based on interviews with ELCIC clergy women, may be ordered from the Orders Desk #1708B $23.95

Volunteer to Meet the World: You are invited to volunteer at the Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly in Winnipeg, July 2003. Be a driver, speak your second language, use your computer skills, count offering and more. Email volunteers@elcic.ca or call Ron Heimbecker 204.837.4388. Download a brochure and application form at http://www.elcic.ca/lwf/application.pdf or order in print #1708C $1.00 (reproducible)

World Council of Churches:The latest issue of WCC News is now posted on the website of the World Council of Churches. Inside Issue N°10 – December 2002:Consultation calls for local initiatives in interreligious dialogue, New WCC logo, Christmas message: "Fear not!", People (in memoriam), Special Commission debates continue, Focolare founder's visit to WCC evokes "Spirituality of unity", WCC to save costs and enhance effectiveness, New ecumenical research centre, What's happening on the web?, Ecumenical accompaniers begin work in Palestine and Israel. http://www.wcc-coe.org/wccnews/index.html or Current issue, in English or French: #E1708D $1.00

Stewardship: Many congregations have already ordered and received their theme material for 2003. One of the resources, a series of bulletin inserts, is a result of the talent of several ELCIC writers. Thanks go out to Rev David Lowe, Patricia Jessen, Rev Lothar Schwabe, Rev Lawrence Likness, Andy Paulsen, Rev Steve Olson, Audrey Miller, Rev Roger Haugen, and Rev Mark Koenker for a job well done.

Canadian Council of Christian Charities: Have you visited the new "Technical Support" website by CCCC? The site is a resource for churches and charities, designed to answer your questions on a wide range of topics. Featured are CCCC Bulletin Articles, FAQs, the Charities Handbook and more. Visit their site during a free trial period which ends on December 31, 2002. Afterwards, the "Technical Support" site will only be available to CCCC Members. To take advantage of this invitation, please go to http://www.cccc.org/index.htm click on "Technical Support" and login with the user name "guest" and password "temp"

Seasons of Peacemaking: Visit http://www.ncccusa.org/ to read a calendar of events planned as a "voice of reason urging practical alternatives to war." The National Council of Churches, founded in 1950, is the leading force for ecumenical cooperation among Christians in the United States.

Mousepad: Does every website you visit require you to scroll horizontally? For a better web experience, try changing your monitor's screen resolution. The ELCIC website, for example, is best viewed at a screen resolution of 800x600–no horizontal scroll bar. You see the whole width of the screen. If you use a PC, go to your start button. Choose settings/controlpanel/display/ settings. On the right is a "screen area" and an arrow you can move with your mouse. If that arrow is off to the left, we may have found your problem! Move the arrow to the right until you read "800x600." Now open http://www.elcic.ca and see the difference. If you use an older MAC, your only choice may be to buy a larger monitor. However, newer MACs allow a variable screen resolution. If your IBM–style monitor has dinosaur status, you may not be able to choose this higher resolution. If you are state–of–the–art, you may want to experiment with an even higher resolution. (What does lie beyond the edges?)

Some of the resources mentioned are available from the ELCIC national office. If you prefer to order those materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; email orders@elcic.ca; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to quote each item's title, code number and the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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