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September 2002

We know what it's like. You get busy and forget to check http://www.elcic.ca for new and interesting resources. Also, as our website grows, it takes longer to check out all the information.

E–Communiqué, our free e–mail bulletin, will appear in your email in–box approximately every 9 weeks, alerting you to new and seasonally–appropriate resources on the ELCIC website.

Follow the live links in this bulletin to read, print, cut and paste or link to other sites. If you prefer to receive the resources in print, order using the information below.

We encourage you to send us the email addresses of other leaders in your congregation who could benefit from this information. Of course, you can stop receiving it at any time by sending us the message "Unsubscribe E–Communiqué" with your first and last name or the name of your church and city.

ELCICommunique September 2002


The Program Committee for Worship has commissioned a series of pastoral letters called Reclaiming Our Birthright to assist pastors and congregational leaders in reflection and teaching on the matter of Every Sunday Holy Communion and to help congregations to faithfully and deliberately reclaim their baptismal birthright. (16 letters) http://www.worship.ca/worshipmatters.html or #E1706A $3.00


National Church Council has designated October 6, 2002, as Youth Ministry Sunday. A planning resource has been mailed to your congregation. Please encourage youth in your congregations to take leadership roles in worship as well as in service. Contact your Synod Youth representative for other resources and youth ministry programs. Resource for October 6: http://www.elcic.ca/youth/2002/1006.html or #E1706B $1.00

Women's Desk

In the recently published With Many Voices, women share their experiences as seminarian, interns and pastors, and their concerns and hopes for the future. Dr. Dianne Kiernen surveyed and interviewed Lutheran clergy women for the 25th anniversary of Lutheran ordination of women in Canada in 2001. Authorized by the National Church Council for distribution and study.

Dr. Arnie Weigel, Professor in Practical Theology, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary Waterloo, Ontario writes "With Many Voices: Twenty–Five Years of Ordained Women in Ministry (2002)is a timely, discerning, and candid qualitative study of and by women in ministry that demands and merits further discussion and exploration in the ELCIC in the congregational, conference, synodical, and church–at–large contexts. It is distinctively Canadian. Its stories and emphases underscore how urgent it is for the ELCIC particularly to affirm and to empower not only ordained women in ministry but all women in ministry." See http://www.elcic.ca/women.html or #E1706C $27.00

Free Stuff!

A clean–up of ELCIC storage has brought to light many older but still valuable resources. We would like to share them with you. For a short time, all items are free and we will even pay the first $5 of postage. This offer expires October 31 so ask for your list of items/order form soon. #E1706D $1.00


Sample packets of 2002–03 theme materials, "Remember", were sent to your congregation earlier this month. Ordering information was included.

Do you screen your volunteers?

Volunteer Canada publishes a workbook called Screening in Faith to provide each faith community with tools to create and maintain a safe environment, to protect those who are to be cared for and to prevent sexual, physical and emotional misconduct from occurring in places of ministry. Available from Volunteer Canada http://www.volunteer.ca for $35. Contact 613.231.4371 or volunteer.canada@sympatico.ca


Watch for a brand new publication celebrating the mission work done with your GHDA dollars. The first issue of Connect, a project of the ELCIC and CLWR, will be in your congregations in October. Meanwhile, read about GHDA or make your donation on–line at http://www.elcic.ca/ghda/

Mission in PNG

Thanks to your support for ELCIC's Directed Gift projects, villages in Papua New Guinea will receive classroom materials. To view colour photos and read or download ELCIC Missionary Bonnie Weppler's story of our mission to children, visit: http://www.elcic.ca/mission/directed/png.html

LWF Materials

A resource package about the Lutheran World Federation has been mailed to congregations. The material can be used to celebrate Lutheran World Federation Sunday on October 27 and to promote the LWF's Tenth Assembly in Winnipeg, July 21–31, 2003. Visit http://www.elcic.ca/lwf/lwffaq.html and http://www.lwf-assembly.org

World Council of Churches

"The latest issue of WCC News is now posted on the website of the World Council of Churches. Inside Issue N°8 – May 2002: Important peace moves in Eritrea and Ethiopia – Women in conflict zones want peace and justice – Lausanne: 75th anniversary of Faith and Order – People – Criteria for participating in international inter–religious initiatives – Focus on Indigenous people – Sexual violence in West Africa – Mission and Evangelism – Middle East conflict – WCC financial situation – Online Giving http://www.wcc-coe.org/wcc/news/periodicals-e.html or Current issue, in English or French: #E1706E $1.00

Rasmouse Tales

Project Rasmus is leading the ELCIC into the electronic age. Learn along with Rasmouse, a rodent with a sense of humour, who will write about the challenges many of us face as we brave this new frontier. The Rasmouse Tales are intended for reproduction and redistribution by ELCIC members and institutions in whatever manner they may find useful. Please credit as follows: Copyright © 2002 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. http://www.elcic.ca/rasmus/index.html

If you prefer to order materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to quote each item's title, code number and the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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