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  • An electronic toolbox of timely information and resources recommended by the ELCIC
  • Distributed as a free email bulletin since September 2002
  • Sent to congregations, national committees, clergy and lay leaders
  • Live links to the Internet make it easy to sample new ideas and resources
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bare branches with a little snow--Photo Mary Krieger

January/February 2005

  • An electronic toolbox of timely information and resources recommended by the ELCIC
  • Distributed as a free email bulletin since September 2002
  • Sent to congregations, national committees, clergy and lay leaders
  • Live links to the Internet make it easy to sample new ideas and resources
  • Our Stories - A variety of short inspirational anecdotes about life in the ELCIC

Inside This Bulletin:

  1. NEW ELCIC TRIVIA – How much do you know about your church? Browse the website and learn.
  2. MISSION – 2005 Global Mission Events
  3. STEWARDSHIP – Upcoming Conference and a PowerPoint resource - Go and See
  4. YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT – Young Adult Conference, NYP, Resources, Grants and Opportunities
  5. LEADERSHIP FOR MINISTRY – Continuing Education Plan, Chinese Ministry
  6. COMMUNICATION – Privacy Act, Treasurers' Booklet, ABT Forum
  7. ACROSS THE SYNODS – News that affects ELCIC congregations all across Canada
  8. NUGGETS FROM THE INTERNET – Wonderful Websites
  9. OUR STORIES – Innovative Young Adults

new ELCIC Trivia Challenge Question: There are over 600 ELCIC congregations. What are the two most popular names? [answer at the bottom of this e-newsletter]

MISSION (back to top)

The 2005 ELCA Global Mission Events Gathered by God's Grace are endorsed by the ELCIC. Choose the most convenient site and time: Fargo, North Dakota July 14-17 or Baltimore, Maryland August 25-28. A thousand or more participants at each site will be immersed in mission experiences from North America and around the world. Children's and youth programs are included. Further details and registration forms with special Canadian dollar fees will be available at http://www.elca.org/gme or call toll free 1.800.638.3522 ext 2642.

STEWARDSHIP (back to top)

Return to Sender - The Ontario Stewardship Network is hosting a stewardship conference for Anglican and Lutheran parish leaders - May 12 -14, Barrie ON - http://www.ontariostewardshipnetwork.ca or call 905.457.2092

St Timothy's in Regina has developed a PowerPoint based on this year's theme of Go and See for use with Council, Sunday School staff and at a congregational Festival. Pastor Bryan Chappell is happy to share. It would be easy to revise for your congregation. Interested? email bfast@elcic.ca and ask for the "Go and See PPT."


National Youth Project resources, stories and a cool new "progress graphic" are at http://youth.elcic.ca/ What is your group planning as a fundraiser?

An ELCIC Young Adults Conference will be held in Manitoba June 30 - July 3, 2005. Please note the change in dates from earlier communiqués. Adults between 18-30 are invited to attend. Watch for more information about the theme and registration materials at http://youth.elcic.ca/ or contact the registrar, Erin Martin at erinmartin55@hotmail.com

Looking for some great resources? The Anglican Book Centre http://www.anglicanbookcentre.com has some new resources for worship with teens, discussion starters, a thinking theologically series which looks at serious and controversial issues of the day, making connections between older youth and the church, etc. Check out what our ecumenical partners have available for resources.

The ELCIC National Convention is an opportunity for youth to learn about how the church makes decisions, how the business of the church is directed. A youth assembly of participants aged 16-21 will experience first hand what the ELCIC is about. If you are interested, call your synod office to find out if you can apply for one of the participant spots available.

The Luther League Legacy Fund was developed to encourage and support youth leadership opportunities. The next deadline for applications is April 1. See the youth website for more information about the grants and the application process. http://youth.elcic.ca/luther_league/index.php


Members of the ELCIC Continuing Education Plan are encouraged to apply for short term funds for opportunities for professional growth. What you learn today will impact your ministry today and tomorrow and can be beneficial to your congregations and to the alternate ministries in which you are serving. It will open your eyes to new insights about mission and ministry as you lead "a church for others". Information about the CEP plan is available at http://www.elcic.ca/ministers/cep.html

There is also a long term grant available for those wanting to study from 4-12 months. The deadline for long term grants is January 15 each year. If you are looking at a sabbatical opportunity for 2006 then you should be thinking about applying for a grant through the CEP program. This information is also available on the website or you may contact Elaine Sauer at the ELCIC office for further information esauer@elcic.ca

Candidates for ministry interested in serving the Chinese Lutheran congregations of the ELCIC in the future are also encouraged to apply for scholarships through the Cora Martinson Scholarship. Information and applications are available at http://www.elcic.ca/Documents/documents/2005CM-Cora.pdf. The deadline for applications is April 1.

COMMUNICATION (back to top)

We've had requests lately for congregation-related information about the Privacy Act. If your congregation has developed a policy and some authorization forms, please share them with your synod office and us. (communique@elcic.ca or fax 204.984.9185 attn Barb)

Updates to the 2005 Treasurer's Information Booklet, page A-24, regarding the 2005 Employment Insurance Premium rates and page A-14 explaining the Canada Revenue Agency's new requirement for official donation receipts in 2005, are now available on the ELCIC web site. http://www.elcic.ca/parish/support/treasurer.html

You'll notice changes to the Congregational Report in 2005. Instructions at http://www.elcic.ca/form or request them in print from 888.786.6707 ext 155.

The ABT Communications Committee now distributes The Forum electronically as well as in their Synod Mailing. The Forum is copyrighted to the Synod of Alberta and the Territories. Photocopies may be made for use in congregations and it may be passed on electronically, but The Forum may not be posted to any website, either in whole or in part without the expressed permission of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories: abtsynod@elcic.ca

The Forum is a publication of the Communications Committee of ABT Synod. Its purpose is "to provide an opportunity for members of that Synod to air their convictions and views on issues affecting individuals, local congregations, the synod and the larger church." Any questions or comments about The Forum should be directed to Brad Everett, editor at beverett@telusplanet.net. If you want to discuss the contents of the current issue please do so on the synod forum list: abtforum@kristenson.com See past issues at http://www.albertasynod.ca/resources/leadership/forum/index.html

GHDA (back to top)

GHDA Lenten Calendar: daily suggestions will lead a family to a thoughtful appreciation of GHDA projects. http://www.elcic.ca/ghda/resources.html

Looking for study material for the new year? Visit http://www.kairoscanada.org/e/index.asp (choose "resources" or call toll free: 1.877.403.8933 x221)

Resources to educate your community about the link between HIV/AIDS and hunger are available from the Canadian FoodGrains Bank. http://www.foodgrainsbank.ca/f8_aidshunger.php, http://www.foodgrainsbank.ca/downloads/brochure_final.pdf

Did you receive all the communications from GHDA regarding the Tsunami? Be sure to ask your pastor/church secretary to distribute or post all ELCIC news releases, or subscribe to ELCIC INFORMATION yourself with an email to info@elcic.ca. http://www.elcic.ca/WebSite/ELCICInfo.nsf/ghdanews!OpenPage

ACROSS THE SYNODS (back to top)

The SK Synod website offers hints and locations of Internet Sermon Resources. http://www.sasksynod.elcic.ca/resources.html#Worship

Same-Sex Blessings - Twenty-four scholars from across the ELCIC have been invited to write short essays on issues related to the welcoming of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgendered (GBLT) Christians and of their place in the church. The hope is that these essays will inform the work of National Church Council; assist the Conference of Bishops in their deliberations; serve as background material for national convention delegates; and form the basis for conference and/or congregational study. As the essays are completed, edited and formatted, they are being posted to the web. A Study Guide will be posted mid February. In this way, members of the ELCIC will have access to the very best in scholarship and pastoral wisdom. Download http://www.elcic.ca/docs/2005/blessings.html or order in print from orders@elcic.ca

Augustana Chaplain - The Campus Ministry Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) serving at Augustana Faculty of the University of Alberta, in Camrose, invites applications for the newly created position of Augustana Chaplain. This position will be funded jointly with the Faculty. It requires an individual who can work comfortably and creatively across a number of formal roles within the ecumenical, multi-faith, and academic environment of a public university. The appointment is initially for a 3-year renewable term, commencing as soon as possible in 2005. Application deadline is March 1, 2005. For details contact Chair, Campus Ministry Council, Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta, 4901-46th Avenue, Camrose, Alberta T4V 2R3 Phone: 780.679.1536. Fax: 780.679.1129. Email: hmundel@augustana.ca

Have you rented or purchased the new Luther movie? It is at most major Video Stores and available from Augsburg Fortress. http://www.afcanada.com/store/item.asp?CLSID=159994&ISBN=6000233523 Don't forget copyright restrictions. http://www.elcic.ca/communique/2003/03may.html#copyright

Consider adding a link to the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) http://www.lutheranworld.org on your congregation's website. Start with the North America site for stories and prayers for use in congregations. http://www.elca.org/lwf

The 2005 Summer Ecumenical Institute, Collaborative Ministries Conference, will take place in Saskatoon, April 18-21. Featured speakers will be Dr. Phyllis Anderson (ELCA), Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University, and the Rev. John Bell, Church of Scotland and Iona Community. "This conference will be a celebration of the Saskatchewan Centennial and will demonstrate how 'shared ministries' is part of our spiritual heritage and is contributing to our ecumenical experiences. This conference will provide opportunities for persons to gain insight and share stories regarding both the challenges and possibilities of ecumenical shared ministry in local congregations." Information and on-line registration at http://www.ecumenism.net/sei/


E-newsletter on leadership. Each issue of the RevWriter Resource supplies timely materials for busy congregational leaders. Get ideas or share yours. Subscribe at http://www.revwriter.com/congregational/resource.shtml

From the National Council of Churches USA: Ethical Issues Raised by Human Biotechnologies: A new study guide for use in a variety of church settings explores the ethical and theological issues raised by the new biotechnologies. It is intended to be used as a companion piece to sociologist Bill McKibben's book Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age. The study guide provides chapter synopses and suggested questions for group or individual reflection. Download free study guide http://www.ncccusa.org/pdfs/EnoughStudyGuide.pdf

Resources for Lent - http://www.elca.org/co/lentresources.html - http://www.worship.ca/easter.html - http://www.elcic.ca/ghda/resources.html

OUR STORIES (back to top)

Rev. Rick Schulz, MNO Campus Chaplain and Youth Ministry Facilitator tells the story of a congregation that boasted a Young Adults group of six irrepressible people. They met for lunch each week following the Sunday service.

The young adults decided it would be more interesting to meet if the group were larger and were creative enough to use a pattern already set within the congregation. (Think: what opportunity to meet and greet exists in almost every ELCIC congregation every Sunday?)

Right! They used the "passing of the peace". The six original members sat beside someone of the appropriate age each week and added to "Peace be with you." an invitation to lunch. Their group grew effortlessly to 20. [Acts 2:46]

Answer to Trivia Challenge -Trinity and St. John (Johns, John's) top the scale with 44 each. Close runners-up are St Paul (41), and Zion (33). Hunt for more information like this at http://www.elcic.ca/direct/direct.html

Some of the resources mentioned are available from the ELCIC national office. If you prefer to order those materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; email orders@elcic.ca; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to fully describe the item and tell us the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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