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ELCIC Applications to Learning and Development Fund

An Invitation

Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) invites applications endorsed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) for grants from its Learning and Development Fund. The purpose of the fund is to support projects which contribute to the participants' understanding of injustice, poverty and world hunger. Eligible applicants for funding are Canadian Church-wide Lutheran organizations, divisions and boards.

The ELCIC's Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) and Mission in the World staff teams provide national church endorsement for applications from ELCIC congregations, synods and organizations. Applications are reviewed by the team for demonstration of the criteria established by the ELCIC and CLWR as outlined below.

ELCIC Criteria for Assessing Applications to the CLWR Learning and Development Fund

The mission and objectives of the Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) will be central to the assessment of applications to the Fund. Projects must support the mission of GHDA and at least two of the objectives of GHDA.


The Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) is a program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) which is designed to raise funds and awareness in support of the hungry and disadvantaged of the world.

The GHDA mission is to engage the sustained commitment of ELCIC members and congregations in alleviating hunger, understanding the causes of hunger and poverty and walking with the poor to find solutions.

National Objectives of GHDA

  1. To provide funds for the immediate relief of hunger and other emergency needs;
  2. To assist people to deal with the causes and effects of poverty through long-range development;
  3. To help the synods and congregations to understand and confront the causes of poverty;
  4. To promote social and economic justice as it relates to poverty, including support of and advocacy for government policy and programs;
  5. To support ecumenical/inter-agency efforts and coalitions where possible.


The ELCIC staff team will review written grant applications giving priority to projects which:

  • directly lead to an awareness of the issues of hunger and poverty as well as to solutions;
  • build on resources and energies of the poor and their communities;
  • support or complement existing ministries of the ELCIC and/or strengthen relationships with ELCIC partner churches (eg. Companion Synod Program)
  • include a statement of the purpose and objectives of the project;
  • emphasize a Christian experience supported with biblical and theological reflection
  • indicate how the project is related to the goals and objectives of GHDA;
  • provide a clear description of the implementation strategy, including a course of education, research and engagement around key issues related to the purpose of the project, and a timeline for implementation;
  • detail the project budget including other sources of funding;
  • project anticipated outcomes or results, articulate strategies to achieve those results and a means to measure whether the outcomes were achieved; and
  • articulate a post-project plan that outlines:
    • how participants will share their experiences and learning with sponsoring groups (congregation, synod, GHDA, CLWR), the wider church, the community and potentially the media; and
    • a process for maintaining interaction with hosts or partners in the project, especially with communities visited

Guidelines for Application Endorsement Requests

Written applications must be received in the ELCIC National Office by January 15 or July 15 in order for applications to be endorsed prior to the CLWR deadlines of February 28 and August 31. Applications must be sent to the ELCIC for endorsement prior to be submitted to CLWR. Processing of applications that are submitted to CLWR prior to being reviewed by the ELCIC may be delayed.

More information may be requested from applicants prior to final decisions being made.

If the project application includes plans for a mission trip, applicants are urged to read Sojourning, A Leader's Guide for Short Term Mission Travel made available by the Canadian Churches' Forum for Global Ministries. The publication is available by contacting vim@elcic.ca or by calling (204) 984-9164.


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