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Eighth Biennial Convention
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University,
Waterloo, Ontario
July 4-8, 2001

Bishop Telmor Sartison has written a brief sermon for use in ELCIC congregations for the fifth Sunday after Pentecost, July 8th 2001.

Forum Descriptions

Rasmus for Pastors and Congregations

The bishops are trained, the ELCIC staff are up and running. Who's next? You are of course! Rhonda Hicks from the Project Rasmus Team will demonstrate the Rasmus features developed specifically for congregational use. See how the new database project can help to manage the congregational membership list, capture the statistics required for parochial reports, and track donations and issue tax receipts. This forum is suitable for clergy and lay delegates interested in using Rasmus or for those who would just like to know what has been developed.

A Welcoming Place - How do we get there?

In 1999, the ELCIC established a long term goal to make the ELCIC a welcoming place for gay and lesbian people and their families. Since this decision was made in July of 1999, many congregations across the ELCIC have participated in a Caring Conversation and some are planning to make use of new study resources and guides which were recently distributed to all congregations. This forum will provide an opportunity to share experiences about how congregations are addressing the ELCIC goal. (A caring conversation for congregations.)

Partners in Faith

Exploring ways that congregations can support parents and other caring adults in nurturing the faith of their children. Encouraging connections between church life and home life in living the baptismal life. Making faith life a natural and normal part of everyday life for all. Sponsored by the Working Group on Discipleship and led by members of the Partners in Faith National Committee.

With Many Voices: Twenty-five Years of Ordained Ministry by Women
in the ELCIC

Learn about the ELCIC's comprehensive study of ordained women. Reflect on key findings of the study. Discuss the impact of the experiences of ordained women on your own life and ministry and the implications for our church. Led by members of the Steering Committee for the Study on Women in Ordained Ministry.

The Lutheran World Federation: Meeting and crossing boundaries
for the healing of the world

The Lutheran World Federation - the worldwide Lutheran communion of churches - includes 60.2 million people in 131 churches in 72 countries. Working together, God's mission calls us and challenges us to meet and cross the boundaries that so often separate people. As the ELCIC prepares to welcome our global Lutheran family to "our home" for the LWF Tenth Assembly in Winnipeg in July 2003, come and learn about our work and mission together in the LWF throughout the world. The Assembly theme, For the Healing of the World, will be our guide.

Mission Today: Challenges in Diversity

The world has become a global village. Everywhere Christians are facing the challenges of mission with people of different faiths and cultures. How should we respond?

Panel Topics
Rev. Etienne Fomgbami Christians and Muslims in Cameroon;
Evangelism in Canadian culture
Rev. Greg and Marla Kiel Mission in Argentina and with Mapuche people
Lori Endress Christian service and mission in a Buddhist university
Rev. Nancy Kelly LWF Christian-Muslim dialogue
Rev. E. Mark Koenker Moderator
GHDA: Partners in Mission, Now Partners in Development

Assisting ELCIC synods and congregations to better understand how GHDA is part of the witness of the ELCIC is one of the mandated objectives of GHDA and of this forum. In particular, the forum will highlight the allocation of GHDA funds to support projects in ELCIC mission partner church countries. The president of the Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Unida (IELU) in Argentina, Angel Furlan, will provide insight about how GHDA funds have been used to support projects that address poverty in his country.

Biotechnology: The Next Frontier

GMO's, genetically modified food and the human genome are all recent arrivals in the public debate. The Canadian churches are discussing what is and is not appropriate about these new technologies. The forum will include a panel to discuss the emerging issues and the churches' response. Panelists will include Dr.Richard Crossman, dean of Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and a member of the Canadian Council of Churches Biotechnology Taskforce, Dr. Anne Clark, Professor of Plant Agiculture at University of Guelph and Dr. Janet Sommerville, Secretary General of the Canadian Council of Churches (to be confirmed).

A New Covenant with Aboriginal Peoples

Everyone has read about the reports of the abuses that occurred in residential schools, the impasse in settling aboriginal land claims, and the broken promises of the treaties with First Nations peoples. We do not always hear about the positive work that is being done to address some of the very painful and tragic issues. The Anglican Church of Canada is working to address these questions through a process of covenanting with aboriginal peoples. This forum will focus on the work being done in the Anglican community to heal the wounds of the colonial past. Donna Bomberry, Indigenous Ministries Coordinator with the Anglican Church of Canada and representatives Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples will share some of the work being done by the Council.

ELCIC Forum on Overcoming Violence

In 1999, the National Church Council affirmed ELCIC's recognition of the World Council of Churches Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010). This forum will focus on perspectives of violence and how the ELCIC can participate in the activities of the Decade. Forum participants will be introduced to resources and documents that can be used in ELCIC congregations.


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