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Eighth Biennial Convention
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University,
Waterloo, Ontario
July 4-8, 2001

Bishop Telmor Sartison has written a brief sermon for use in ELCIC congregations for the fifth Sunday after Pentecost, July 8th 2001.

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Convention Daily Newsletters

Daily newsletters are produced at convention and distributed each morning to those in attendance. They are available here in .pdf format.

The Anglican Church of Canada is holding their General Synod at the same time and in the same place as the ELCIC Convention. Read their news.


Sunday morning newsletter

page 1 Rev Susan Johnson - New vice-president elected (picture)
Motion looks to protect Canadian water supply
page 2 Thanks Janet! (picture)
GHDA gets four-year extension of mandate
Quotable Quotes
page 3 Elections"Delegates cast their ballots (picture)
Ray Schultz - National Bishop-elect (picture)
Telmor Sartison - Retiring bishop (picture)
page 4 Convention Highlights
ELCIC/ACC enter into full communion (picture)
Twenty-fifth anniversary of ordination of women in our church
"National bishop" official
Two honoured


Saturday morning newsletter

page 1 Waterloo Declaration YES (picture)
page 2 Apparel for Youth Gathering (picture)
Today at the Fair - display area participants
Briefly - individuals honored, other notices
page 3 Retiring National Bishop Telmor Sartison honoured (picture)
Dr Noko looks forward to convention in Canada in 2003
page 4 Greetings from Argentina
Delegates cast their ballots (picture)
Announcements from Convention Manager Heidi Wilker
page 5 A brief sampling of forums
An ELCIC Forum on Overcoming Violence
A Welcoming Place - How Do We Get There?
Biotechnology: the New Frontier
A New Covenant With Aboriginal Peoples
Closer Ties Draw Media Interest (picture)
page 6 Our New National Bishop (picture)


Friday morning newsletter

page 1 Schultz elected-Election goes all the way to 6 ballots (picture)
page 2 Ordained Women honored (picture)
Friday's Forums and where to find them
Briefly - notices
page 3 Waterloo Declaration examined
Today at the Fair - display area participants
ELCA Bishop looks forward to working with us on LWF Assembly
page 4 Archbishop Peers brings greetings from ACC (picture)
Youth taking an active part
Four gallons of glue needed


Thursday morning newsletter

page 1 It's down to 27 candidates
'National Bishop' official
About a foot
page 2 Good News Partner - Fomgbami ready for year 2 (picture)
Briefly - stats and notices
page 3 Delegates learn the ropes during orientation session
Today at the Fair - display area participants
Bookstore next to the Gym
page 4 Getting started - Down to business on first day (picture)



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