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Eighth Biennial Convention
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario
July 4-8, 2001

Report of the National Church Council

To the 8th Biennial Convention of the ELCIC

This report of the ELCIC National Church Council (NCC) is aimed at providing the church with an overview of the activities of the National Council, as well as some specific recommendations that require action at the convention. The period covered is July 1999 through to March 2001.

Appendices and motions noted on these pages are not available on this site. Those who are interested in reviewing these documents will need to contact a delegate or visitor to the convention. These people have full copies of all convention documents.

The report is based on the four roles assigned to the NCC:

  • Explore, promote and preserve Canadian Lutheran identity and Canadian character.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with churches and ministries beyond the ELCIC.
  • Provide national support of mission and ministries.
  • Facilitate partnership with synods.

Each section also makes reference to the Evangelical Declaration, approved by the ELCIC in convention in 1997. (Appendix 6)

Membership and organizational structure

  1. Canadian Lutheran Character and IdentityELCIC Constitution and Bylaws
        Guidelines for On Leave from Call Status
        Worship resources
        Presiding Bishop
        Decade to Overcome Violence
        Relationship with Lutheran Church-Canada (LC-C)
        Women in Ministry

  2. Relationships in MissionVision for Mission
        ELCIC and partner churches
        Relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada
        Lutheran World Federation
        Public Policy
        LWF Statement on Jerusalem
        Relationship with Canadian Lutheran World Relief
        Ministry in the North
        A Welcoming Place
        Lutheran Council in Canada

  3. Resources for MissionEvangelical Lutheran Women
        ELCIC Pension and Benefits Plan
        Debt Forgiveness
        Global Hunger and Development Appeal

  4. Partnership with SynodsConference of Bishops
        Cooperation through Working Groups
        Project Rasmus

  5. Miscellaneous

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