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Eighth Biennial Convention
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo Ontario
July 4 - 8, 2001

National Church Council - Membership and Structure

Information current July 2001


    Position Term expires
Telmor Sartison Bishop 2001
Janet Morley Vice President 2001
Robert Granke Secretary 2001
William Risto Treasurer (1997-2000)    -
Doreen Lecuyer Treasurer (2000-2001) 2001

National Church Council

    Synod Term expires
Judy Baribeau Eastern 2001
Alice Croft Eastern 2003
Jon Fogelman Eastern 2001
Sonja Free Eastern 2003
Don Gatzke Saskatchewan 2003
Mark Harris Eastern 2003
Gordon Jensen ABT 2001
Nancy Jeske ABT 2003
Roger Kingsley MNO 2003
Helmut Nachtigall Saskatchewan 2003
Roger Petry Saskatchewan 2001
Michael Rogers BC 2003
Donald Storch BC 2001
Larry Ulrich MNO 2001
Arthur Weingartner Eastern 2001
Judy Wry ABT 2001

Anglican Church Representative

Grant Hyslop

Ex- Officio members (Synod Bishops)

Michael Pryse Eastern
Richard Smith MNO
Allan Grundahl Saskatchewan
Stephen Kristenson ABT
Raymond Schultz BC


In order to facilitate the work of the Council, a number of task forces and committees were established:

Task Force on CLWR Relationship: Mark Harris,
Judy Baribeau,
Robert Granke
Task Force on Homosexuality: David Saude,
Alice Croft,
Larry Ulrich,
Robert Granke
Committee on ELCIC Bylaws and Constitution: Roger Kingsley,
Robert Granke,
Alice Croft
Finance: Nancy Jeske,
Helmut Nachtigall,
Bill Risto,
Doreen Lecuyer
Governance: Don Storch,
Mark Harris,
Judy Baribeau,
Telmor Sartison,
Robert Granke
Mission, Development and Ecumenical Relations: Don Gatzke,
Jon Fogleman,
Gordon Jensen,
Art Weingartner,
Sonja Free,
Grant Hyslop (ex officio)
Discernment: Larry Ulrich,
Judy Wry,
Michael Rodgers,
Roger Petry
Strategic planning: Telmor Sartison,
Robert Granke,
Judy Baribeau, Helmut Nachtigall,
Roger Petry,
Don Storch,
Larry Ulrich,
Judy Wry


The ELCIC National Church Council met in person on five occasions since the 1999 convention in Regina:

  • July 11, 1999
  • September 16 -18, 1999
  • March 30 to April 1, 2000
  • September 14-16, 2000
  • March 15-17, 2001

The Council will meet again prior to the convention on July 2 and 3 in Waterloo.

In addition, the ELCIC National Officers met in person on at least one other occasion annually, as well as via conference call as needed.


CLWR Board of Directors Douglas Peterson,
Anne Strand,
Joan Meyer,
Denis St. Onge,
Leon Gilbertson
ELCIC Group Services, Inc.
Board of Directors
Karen Gehrs,
William Huras,
Lee Luetkehoelter,
David MacIntosh,
Boyd Molder,
Walter Schultz,
Bradford Senfton,
Daniel Skaret
Church Council on Justice and Corrections Pamela Radunsky
Lutheran Theological Seminary,
Board of Governors
Verda Petry,
Claudine Carlson
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary,
Board of Governors
Lutheran Council in Canada Judy Baribeau
CECF Advisory Board Guenter Dahle,
Phil Hink,
Ron Nelson,
Nancy Jeske
ELCIC Court of Adjudication Kimberly Dow
ELCIC Audit Committee Walter Schultz,
Karen Gehrs,
Roger Kingsley,
Roger Petry,
David Buelow
World Council of Churches,
Advisory Group on Women
Robert Shantz
Canadian Council of Churches,
Jewish/Christian Dialogue
Glen Nelson

Calls Issued by NCC

Arthur Leichnitz LWF North America Expression Officer
Charles Jackson World Mission Prayer League
Terry Richardson Associate to the Director General Chaplaincy, Correctional Service Canada
Gordon Johnson Executive Director, LAMP Canada


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