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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College
Camrose, AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Report of the Bishop

Bishop Schultz gave his report to the convention on Thursday afternoon. One of the challenges the church faces is to be true to our Lutheran Christian tradition while adapting to our changing society. We live in a multi-cultural society and need to do a better job of conveying the Gospel in timely and relevant ways.

The Bishop is committed to working with our Ecumenical partners in "putting the Church catholic back together."

He expressed concerned that our national staff is too small, and therefore overworked, for the work that they need to do. We need stronger financial support through our synods and congregations. We could be doing much more! The Bishop presented an additional "challenge" to the budget which illustrates what more money could be used for.

Report of the Evangelical Lutheran Women

Lindy Wozniak, ELW President, and Ruth Vince, Executive Secretary, addressed the Convention with words which highlighted the extraordinary service which the women of the church, locally and nationally, contribute to the life of the Church. The Bishop expressed his personal appreciation for the excellent cooperation in the national offices among the ELW officers and the other national officers of the Church.

Comments on the Faith, Order and Doctrine ad hoc committee of the NCC:

The NCC proposal for an ad hoc committee on Faith, Order and Doctrine was discussed during the report of the National Church Council. The discussion sought to clarify that the purpose of this committee was not to make decrees on doctrines, but rather to facilitate a process by which theological issues might be discussed by the church. This might include preparing study papers and study guidelines for congregations, ministry centres, conferences, and seminaries. It was also clarified that referring theological issues to this committee would be through the National Church Council or the National Bishop. It was also suggested that the Court of Adjudication could seek input - as information only- from the Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee.


A number of elections were held for officers, National Church Council, ELCIC Group Services Inc Board of Directors and the Court of Adjudication. More


The ELCIC in convention holds the corporation meetings for Luther College, Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute and Augustana University College. The Convention received the reports and elected the nominated officials for both Luther College and Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute. Augustana University College drew a full gymnasium of delegates, visitors, Augustana Board, faculty, staff and alumni for their corporation meeting.

Companion Covenant Signed

Bishop Stephen Kristenson of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories and Bishop Nehemias Parada of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Colombia signed a companion covenant during the Friday afternoon session of the Convention. More


If you were listening very, very closely on Saturday morning you might know what all those letters mean! More

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