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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College
Camrose, AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Augustana University College

A full gymnasium of delegates, visitors, Augustana Board, faculty, staff and alumni were present for the meeting of the AUC corporation meeting.

Ms. Jacqueline Dojack, Chair of the Augustana University College Board of Regents
The Board recommended, in short, to transfer AUC to the public post-secondary system, preferably the University of Alberta, subject to satisfactory negotiations between Augustana, the University of Alberta and the Province of Alberta.

Key in these negotiations is retaining AUC's identity, traditions, and values, including a strong Lutheran presence and campus ministry. The reasons given include the history of financial difficulties as well as the increasing evidence that AUC can not continue its mission with the status quo.

A motion was made that this decision require a 66% majority rather than a simple majority as initially proposed by Bishop Schultz. The vote was: yes 174 and 139 no. Therefore a two-thirds vote would be required to accept the Board's recommendation to transfer AUC.

The ensuing discussion included two notices of motion. Rev. Bart Eriksson's notice called for defeating the motion recommended by the AUC Board, for replacing the current Board with a single Trustee and for that Trustee to appoint a new Board. The second notice of motion presented by Rev. Karl Faltin, presented on behalf of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories Synod Council, called for defeating the motion recommended by the AUC Board, for conducting an independent review of the AUC situation and for taking all reasonable steps to keep AUC as an institution of the ELCIC.

A lengthy, wide-ranging series of three-minute statements of the pros and cons of the Board's recommendation and its implications followed. A motion to table the discussion on the AUC Board recommendation till all Lutheran congregations in Canada had a chance to review and recommend action was defeated by an almost unanimous vote of the convention delegates.

After an expression of many viewpoints, including the identification of some of the potential implications of a "no" vote, the chair ruled the discussion closed and called for a vote on the Board's motion.

Matthew Hebert, representing Augustana students

The vote to authorize the present Board of Regents to negotiate an acceptable transfer of AUC to public ownership was by secret ballot. 343 ballots were cast; 229 needed to pass the motion by a two-thirds majority. There were 4 spoiled ballots, 274 yes and 65 no. The motion was passed by a clear and significant margin.

We, the people of God at Augustana, would like to express sincere thanks to you for your blessing to pursue a new ownership for Augustana. We know this was a difficult decision to come to in a short time and appreciate the great trust you showed in us by approving the resolution in such a clear fashion.

Augustana would not be here were it not for the vision and support it has received from the church.

We affirm to all of you our commitment to sustaining a strong and creative Lutheran presence on our campus and have every hope that you will continue to support us.

Written report included in the Bulletin of Reports


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