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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College,
Camrose, AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Opening Worship

Over 600 delegates, visitors and local Lutherans attended the opening service of the convention which was held at Messiah Lutheran Church. Music was a key part of the service with choir, tympany, cello, brass quartet, piano and organ, led by Brendan Lord who composed the liturgy that was used while he was a student at Augustana several years ago. Red was the predominant color with the sanctuary still dressed for Pentecost and the six bishops in full vestments, including red copes.

Bishop Schultz presided and preached, suggesting we need to discern the idols that exist today, in our culture and in our churches.

Bishop Schultz presided and preached

Communion was distributed at six stations, accompanied by hymns sung with great gusto. (This reporter was privileged to sit in front of three exceptional baritones who also sang some of the verses in French…thanks!)

Rev. Elaine Sauer and Rev. Paul Johnson were officially installed as assistants to the national bishop. They now have the added blessing of 600 ELCIC members who have promised to pray for them in their work on our behalf.

Rev. Elaine Sauer and Rev. Paul Johnson
the traffic-stopping procession through the streets of Camrose

Perhaps the surprise of the evening was the traffic-stopping procession through the streets of Camrose, led by processional cross, banner and six bishops in full vestments.

Thank you to our national worship committee: Jan Boyd, Karen Johnson-Lefsrud, Andre Lavergne, our convention Chaplain Marty Tuer, and local arrangements person Robyn Mohr for serving us so well in their planning for this service. Thanks also to the other participants and the Messiah congregation for making it a memorable worship service.

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