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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Saturday, June 14, 2003, 9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Report of the Committee on Registration and Credentials
Beth Conroy gave the report from the committee:

Lay delegates registered 183
Ordained delegates registered 155
Total delegates registered 338
Visitors 142
TOTAL registered 480

Report of the Committee on Minutes
Secretary Don Storch presented the minutes from the second sitting of the convention for adoption. A correction was made to the Report from Registration and Credentials - Lay delegates 181, ordained 155

NC-03-08 MS That the corrected minutes from the second sitting be adopted as presented.


Report of the Elections Committee
Wendell Grahlman presented the results from the ballots for available positions on NCC the ELCIC GSI Board of Directors and the Court of Adjudication.



Rodney Jerke 129
Carl Sorensen 156
Ballots cast 286
Needed to elect 144

Carl Sorensen was declared elected for this position.

BC Lay

Sieglinde Malmberg 128
Judy Kochendorfer 159
Ballots cast 288
Needed to elect 145

Judy Kochendorfer was declared elected for this position.

BC Ordained

Nolan Gingrich 144
Roland Ziprick 131
Ballots cast 276
Needed to elect 139

Nolan Gingrich was declared elected for this position.

E. Lay

Maaike Froelich 151
Marquise Sopher 136
Ballots cast 288
Needed to elect 145

Maaike Froelich was declared elected for this position.

E. Ordained (1st position)

Virginia Cookman 132
Sonja Free 151
Ballots cast 284
Needed to elect 143

Sonja Free was declared re-elected for this position.

E. Ordained (2nd Position)

Jacob Dressler  79
Ralph Dwarika 83
Peter Mikelic 134
Ballots cast 197
Needed to elect 145

No election.


Ken Hartviksen 117
Roger Kingsley 177
Ballots cast 295
Needed to elect 149

Roger Kingsley was declared elected for this position.

SK Lay

Tom Brook 151
Don Gatzke 120
Ballots cast 272
Needed to elect 137

Tom Brook was declared elected for this position.

SK Ordained

Roger Haugen 176
Orville Kaminski 112
Ballots cast 289
Needed to elect 146

Roger Haugen was declared elected for this position.

ELCIC Group Service Inc. Board of Directors:


Dianne Golinski 106
Daniel Skaret 182
Ballots cast 289
Needed to elect 145

Daniel Skaret was declared re-elected for this position.

Ordained (Position One)

Boyd Molder 142
Krister Ulmanis 152
Ballots cast 295
Needed to elect 148

Krister Ulmanis was declared elected for this position.

Ordained (Position Two)

Loretta Jaunzarins 118
Andrew Paulsen 164
Ballots cast 283
Needed to elect 142

Andrew Paulsen was declared elected for this position.

The Court of Adjudication:

Lay (Position One)

Rochelle Shafer 155
Murray Walter 139
Ballots cast 296
Needed to elect 149

Rochelle Shafer was declared elected for this position.

Lay (Position Two)

Vicky Busch 120
Janet Morck 170
Ballots cast 291
Needed to elect 146

Janet Morck was declared elected for this position.

Ordained (Position One)

Jan Malina 160
Ed Skutshek 140
Ballots cast 301
Needed to elect 161

Jan Malina was declared elected for this position.

Ordained (Position Two)

Eric Krushel 158
Faith Rohrbough 143
Ballots cast 302
Needed to elect 152

Eric Krushel was declared elected for this position.

A second ballot for the E. Ordained position on NCC was distributed.

The Chair closed the balloting for the E ordained position available on NCC.

LWF Report
Rev Paul Johnson introduced Kathy Magnus, LWF Regional Officer for North America who brought greetings and spoke to the Lutheran World Federation Report on pages X27-30, Appendix 8.

Greetings from Anglican Church of Canada
Rev Paul Johnson introduced The Rev Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director, Faith, Worship and Ministry, and Bishop Victoria Matthews, Diocese of Edmonton. Both brought greetings to the Convention.

Archbishop Michael Peers, Primate of the ACC sent electronic greetings.

GHDA and CLWR Joint Report
Rhonda Lorch, Director of Global Hunger and Development Appeal, and Ruth Jensen, Executive Director of Canadian Lutheran World Relief spoke to the report on pages X31-36, Appendix 9.

Items removed from Consent Agenda
Item 3 page G1(A first reading Constitution Amendment)

Additions are bold, deletions are italic.

NC-03-08 MS That the ELCIC Constitution, Article X (Conventions), sections 2 and 3 be amended as follows and that sections 4 through 7 be repealed:

Section 2. A convention of this church shall be held biennially in accordance with the ELCIC Act of Incorporation at a time and place determined by the National Church Council.

Section 3. Special conventions shall be called for specified purposes by the bishop of this church to be held within ninety days of receiving a request in writing from two-thirds of the members of the National Church Council or from two-thirds of the synods.

Section 3. The frequency, function, composition and responsibilities of the convention shall be defined in the Administrative Bylaw, Part V.

Section 4. The secretary shall publish the time and place of each regular convention at least six months in advance. The secretary shall give written notice of a special convention to each congregation and each ordained minister serving under call, and shall publish the same at least thirty days prior to the opening date of the convention.

Section 5. The voting membership of conventions shall consist of

a. Two hundred ordained ministers elected by the conferences as allocated by the National Church Council on the basis of baptized membership;

b. A lay delegate elected by each parish* not already represented by an ordained minister and an additional lay delegate elected by every parish with more than eight hundred baptized members. Any parish with less than eight hundred members represented by an ordained minister for two consecutive conventions may not be represented by an ordained minister at the following convention.

Section 6. The voting membership at a special convention shall consist of the delegates seated in the preceding regular convention provided they have not been disqualified by termination of membership in the parish they represented. Vacancies in delegations shall be filled by conferences and parishes as necessary.

Section 7. A quorum shall consist of twenty per cent of the eligible voting members provided that such members are from at least two-thirds of the synods.

*A parish is defined as consisting of those baptized persons served by a common pastoral ministry in one or more congregations.


Item 11 page G9
NC-03-09 MS That the ELCIC Administrative Bylaws be amended by adding a new Part X (Conference of Bishops) as follows and renumbering the subsequent sections:

Part X
Financial Matters
Conference of Bishops

Section 1. There shall be a Conference of Bishops composed of the National Bishop and the synodical bishops.

Section 2. The Conference of Bishops shall be convened by the National Bishop at least annually.

Section 3. The Conference of Bishops shall:

a. attend to the spiritual and collegial nurture of its members;

b. reflect and provide vision on issues that affect the life of the church;

c. develop and share objectives and strategies concerning pastoral leadership;

d. recommend policy and practice to the National Church Council;

e. advise National Church Council on referred matters; and

f. strive to achieve consistent practice across the synods.


Approval of the 2004 Budget
Treasurer, Doreen Lecuyer presented the 2004 Budget (page E7 of the Bulletin of Reports).

NC-03-10 MS that the 2004 budget be approved as presented.


NC-03-11 MS To authorize NCC to approve the 2005 budget.


Second Report of the Committee on Reference and Counsel
NC-03-12 MS That National Church Council explore the implementation of greater cooperation and resource sharing between the ELCIC, the Anglican Church of Canada, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.


(Submitted by: The Rev Kevin J Baglole, The Rev Beth Conroy, The Rev Rasma Caune, The Rev Neil C Thomson, The Rev Jo Barkley-Probst, Franklin Famme, Eleanor McLeod, The Rev Terri-Ann Mattiason, The Rev Stephen Weber, and The Rev Mark Ehlebracht.)

ELW Report
Lindy Wozniak, National President and Ruth Vince, Executive Director of Evangelical Lutheran Women, Inc presented the report of ELW.

Announcements were made regarding special lunches and transportation.

The Chair thanked the Convention for their cooperation.

Rev Marty Tuer led the Convention in prayer. The Fourth Sitting was closed at 12:15 pm

In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
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