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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Saturday, June 14, 2003, 1:30 p.m.–3:05 p.m.

Fifth Sitting

Rev Marty Tuer opened with a devotion

Report of Committee on Minutes

Secretary Don Storch presented the minutes from the third sitting of the convention for adoption with one correction. Remove the statement on page 9, "The Corporate meeting of Augustana University College resumed."

NC-03-13 MS That the minutes from the third sitting be adopted as corrected.


Report from the Committee for Elections

Report for the NCC position #6 E ordained.

Wendell Grahlman reported:

Ralph Dwarika 113
Peter Mikelic 195
Ballots cast 311
Needed to elect 156

Peter Mikelic is declared elected for this position.

NC-03-14 MS That the ballots be destroyed.


Special Guest

Rev. Gordon Jenson introduced Bishop Soren Hvas, Diocese of Aalborg, Denmark and President of the Danish Church Abroad (DKU) and his wife Alice. Bishop Hvas brought greetings to the Convention from the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church. Also present is Pastor Nils Ebbehuus, presently serving the DKU in Northern Germany.

Report of the Committee on Reference and Counsel

MS That the National Church Council of the ELCIC be directed to review the method of distributing CECF funds in order to be responsive to mission opportunities as a national strategy rather than being based on baptized membership.


(Submitted by: The Rev Bob Goos, Vera Seydel, The Rev Gary Schenk, The Rev Loretta Jaunzarins, Joanne Solomonson, Marie Kuhn, The Rev Ed Summer, The Rev Bob Byhre, Walter Goos, The Rev Richard Schulz)

NC-03-15 MS That Bishop Schultz, on behalf of the ELCIC, call on the Canadian government to ensure that health care and public services are exempted from inclusion in any trade agreements that are negotiated; and further to ensure the inclusion of environmental protection in any such trade agreements.


(Submitted by: The Rev Bob Goos, Vera Seydel, Tjitske van der Eide, The Rev Marlys Moen, Shirley Blythe, The Rev Gayle Haugen, The Rev Harold Hesje, the Rev Dr Peter Mikelic, The Rev Gary Schenk, Joanne Solomonson, The Rev Brian Wilker-Frey, The Rev Loretta Jaunazarins)

NC-03-16 MS That services of Holy Communion at national church gatherings offer an option of grape juice and gluten free bread.

(Submitted by: The Rev Bob Leeson, The Rev Richard Schulz, The Rev Cindy Werner, The Rev Trudy Sluth, the Rev Dean Anderson, Irene Halvorson, The Rev David Hanes, The Rev Donna J Smalley, The Rev D Frank Armistead, The Rev Michael Kurtz, The Rev Laird Borst, The Rev Stephen Radke, The Rev Mark Hedlin, The Rev Carlyle Johnson, The Rev Phil Gagnon, The Rev Christoph Reiners, The Rev Brad Everett and The Rev Murray Halvorson.)

MS To refer this motion to the Program Committee for Worship


MS To refer this motion to the Committee for Faith and Doctrine. The motion to refer to this committee is deemed inappropriate according to the terms of reference of the committee.

MS To refer this motion to NCC to be reported on at the 2005 Convention.

MS To call the question




MS To call the question



NC-03-17 MS That the National Church Council and this convention express our thanks to the Evangelical Lutheran Women for their continued support of the ELCIC.


(Submitted by the Committee on Reference and Counsel.)

NC-03-18 MS That the 9th Biennial Convention express its gratitude and thanks to all who have worked to enable this convention to do its work, to make our stay in Camrose memorable and to help us Sing to the Lord a New Song:

  • The Local Arrangements Committee chaired by Mr Max Lindstrand for their planning and tireless work;
  • The Synod of Alberta and the Territories, their Bishop Stephen Kristenson, and the congregations of Camrose and the surrounding area for their gracious hospitality;
  • The many volunteers who cheerfully ushered, greeted, drove, directed, and in some cases billeted us;
  • The Rev Marty Tuer, our Convention Chaplain, and the worship and music leaders;
  • The Conference Services staff at Augustana University College; and
  • The national staff of the ELCIC.


(Submitted by the Committee on Reference and Counsel)

NC-03-19 MS That the 9th Biennial ELCIC Convention express is appreciation for the faithful leadership of:

  • The members of our National Church Council;
  • Our Bishop, the Rev Raymond Schultz;
  • Our Vice President, the Rev Susan Johnson;
  • Our Secretary, Mr Donald Storch; and
  • Our Treasurer, Ms Doreen Lecuyer.


(Submitted by the Committee on Reference and Counsel)

Rev. Susan Johnson reported that the offering at the opening service, which is directed to the LWF Assembly, was approx $7,500

Rev Susan Johnson recognized the retiring members of NCC and thanked them for their service. (Nancy Jeske, Don Gatzke, Rev Mark Harris, Rev Michael Rogers, Rev Helmut Nachtigall, and treasurer Doreen Lecuyer)

Youth Voices

Rev Elaine Sauer and a youth delegation from ABT Synod churches made a presentation highlighting Youth Ministry in the ELCIC, Peer Ministry training and the 2004 National Youth Gathering, Listen Up.

The fifth sitting was closed at 3:05 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Donald W. Storch

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