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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Friday, June 13, 2003, 9:00 am

Second Sitting

Friday, June 13, 2003, 9:00 am

Rev. Marty Tuer opened today's sessions with devotions

Report of the Committee on Registration and Credentials

Jim Thomas reported the following registration figures:

Lay delegates registered 155
Ordained delegates registered 181
Total delegates registered 336
Visitors 121
Total persons registered 457

Report of the Committee on Minutes

Secretary Don Storch presented the minutes from the first sitting of the convention for adoption. Two corrections were made. Adjournment was 4:56 pm. Add the Name of Bishop Nehemais Parada

NC-03-02 MS That the minutes from the first session be adopted as corrected.


Report on the Committee on Elections

Wendell Grahlman reported on behalf of the Committee on Elections as follows:

On the first ballot:

Total Ballots Cast 256
Spoiled 36
Needed to Elect 192


Storch, Don 159
Kingsley, Roger 8
Skaret, Dan 1
Nieman, Kathy 1
Fancy, Irene 1
McDonald, Bob 2
Rohr, Sandra 1
Gatzke, Dan 1
Quist, Carol 1
Wilker, Heidi 2
Thompson, Norm 1
Weingarten, Arthur 1
Good, Rose 2
Storch, John 1
Ling, Arlean 1
Hesje, Elaine 1
Strasser, Liisa 1
Brook, Tom 1
Getson, Valerie 1
Lorch, Rhonda 1
Hamilton, Sheila 1
Schulz, Fran 1
Sopher, Marquise 1
Greigar, Rod 1
Frohlich, Maaike 1
Henke, Jim 1
Prentice, Verneda 2
Jerke, Rodney 1
Hartviksen, Ken 1
Sadler, Margaret 1
Gross, Margaret 1
Sadler, Bill 1
Grant, Thelma 1
Simpson, Cheryl 1
Kuhn, Marie 1
Sauer, Ken 2
Richter, Len 3
Fast, Barb 1
Morley, Janet 1
Wagler, Carol 1
Burkett, Viola 1
Baribeau, Judy 1
Frick, Haze 1
Krenz, Liz 1
Ash, Patricia 1
Sorenson, Alvin 1
Stolee, David 1
Anderson, Jim 1

All of these names will appear on the second ballot for Secretary of the ELCIC

The second ballot for the election of Secretary was distributed.


Rev Paul Johnson introduced the Rev Randy Lee, Assistant to the Presiding Bishop, Director, Dept. for Ecumenical Affairs, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, who brought greetings to the convention.

Report of the Committee on Reference and Counsel

Chairperson Rev Bill Wiegert presented the report on behalf of the Committee on Reference and Counsel.

NC-03-03 MS That the ELCIC in Convention request National Church Council, in consultation with Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary to annually encourage all ELCIC congregations to participate in internship ministry by sharing in the costs of the Internship Program.


(submitted by the congregation at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sault Ste Marie, ON)

Report of National Church Council

Judy Wry and Mark Harris introduced the members of NCC and gave an overview of the NCC report.

Corrections: A.9 the date of the next ELCIC National Convention will be July 21-24, 2005.

NC-03-04 MS That the National Church Council Recommendations to the 2003 Convention (found on pages G1-10 of the Bulletin of Reports) and Additional Recommendations from NCC (14,15,16) be accepted as presented as consent agenda items.

MS That the motion be amended by the removal of Amendment 11 (Re: Conference of Bishops) from the consent agenda.


MS That the motion be amended by the removal of Amendment 3 (Re: National Convention).


MS To adopt the Consent Agenda as amended.


Report of the Treasurer

Treasurer Doreen Lecuyer presented her report found on pages E1-7 in the Bulletin of Reports.

Report of ELCIC Group Services Inc

Executive Director of GSI, Hildy Thiessen and Mr. Dan Skaret, Treasurer of the GSI Board, presented the GSI report as it appears on pages I 1-5 of the Bulletin of Reports.

Report of the Committee on Elections

Chairperson Wendall Grahlman reported on behalf of the Committee on Elections as follows:

On the second ballot:

Anderson, Jim 2
Ash, Patricia 1
Baribeau, Judy 1
Fast, Barb 3
Frolich, Maaike 1
Gatzke, Dan 1
Getson, Valerie 2
Good, Rose 1
Grant, Thelma 1
Hamilton, Sheila 2
Hesje, Elaine 1
Jerke, Rodney 1
Kingsley, Roger 17
Kranz, Liz 1
Kuhn, Marie 2
Lorch, Rhonda 4
Morley, Janet 3
Prentice, Vereneda 1
Quist, Carol 7
Richter, Len 1
Rohr, Sandra 1
Sadler, Margaret 1
Sauer, Ken 2
Schulz, Fran 4
Skaret, Dan 2
Sopher, Marquise 1
Sorenson, Alvin 4
Stolee, David 1
Storch, Don 239
Storch, John 7
Wagler, Carol 3
Wilker, Heidi 2

Total Ballots Cast 328
Spoiled 8
Needed to Elect 219

The Chair declared Don Storch elected as Secretary of the ELCIC for a four-year term.

Election of ELCIC Treasurer

NCC has nominated Mr. Norman Thompson for the office of Treasurer. The Chair explained the procedure for the election of Treasurer. Ballots for the election of Treasurer were distributed.

Rhonda Lorch made several announcements.

Rev Marty Tuer lead the convention in prayer.

The second sitting was closed at 11:57 a.m.

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