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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Facilitate partnership with Synods

  1. Conference of Bishops

    Bishop Schultz and the five synod bishops met on a number of occasions during the last biennium to consider issues of common concern. The bishops review policy and procedures and strive to develop common practice across the synods. They also make recommendations to National Church Council on issues referred to them and often make suggestions to NCC about policy matters.

    An amendment to the ELCIC Administrative Bylaws will be presented at the convention that will officially establish a Conference of Bishops and define the terms of reference for the Conference.

    Among items considered by the bishops and subsequently discussed by NCC were new guidelines dealing with initial calls and non-stipendiary ministry. These guidelines (Appendix #4 and Appendix #5, Page X-17-20) were approved by National Church Council at their March 2003 meeting.

    The bishops have also met twice in the last biennium with the Anglican House of Bishops. These meetings have helped to cement the relationship with our full communion partner and have provided a forum for discussion on common issues.

  2. Cooperation through Program Committees

    In 2002, National Church Council undertook a review of the Working Group model and determined that the structure was ineffective and cumbersome. The response to the concerns expressed in the review was that in September 2002, National Church Council dismantled the Working Group program approved a flexible committee structure that allows the national expression of the church to provide facilitation to ministries in the purview of the synods. Three program committees were established: Leadership for Ministry; Worship; and Youth Ministry. These committees receive staff support from the Assistants to the Bishop.

  3. National Synod Consultations

    Please see the notes about the National/Synod Officers Consultation held in October 2001 (see Report of the Bishop Attachment 1, Page B-9). A second staff consultation was planned for December 2002 but was postponed until Assistants to the National Bishop were identified and a clarity about the function of the Consultation could be reached.

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