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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song
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Report of the Program Committee for Youth Ministry

Members: Chair, Roberta Weston, Eastern Synod
Rev Jason Johnson, SK Synod
Rev James Hendrickson, ABT Synod
Ms Judy Haerdi, BC Synod
Ms Kristel Mann, MNO Synod
Ms Vicky Huehn, Liaison to the NPC
Staff: Rev Elaine Sauer, Assistant to the Bishop

This committee took on a new structure in 2002 with the formulation of program committees of the National Church. In order to have some continuity, two members came from the previous Youth Ministry Coordinating Committee and three new synodical representatives were included. This committee’s task is to formulate policy regarding youth ministry but also to coordinate and vision for programming in the national expression. The yearly meetings provide opportunities to share stories of ministry, to help initiate synodical cooperation in many areas, and especially in the sharing of resources, and to support and encourage youth ministry across the church.

In 2002 we began an evaluation of all programming and prioritized activities according to available volunteer recruitment and resources, and whether it met certain criteria needed in the pursuit of our goals and vision for ministry. We did not initiate planning for a youth assembly at National Convention nor a continuing education event for youth workers but we will look at those events for 2005 after some assessments are completed. We did, however, endorse the continuation of our most successful ELCIC event, the Canadian National Youth Gathering and we look forward to that event in 2004 in Hamilton, ON. We also look forward to the inclusion of Anglican Church of Canada youth at this event.

The 2001 Young Adult Conference held in Edmonton was a step towards the goal of reaching and enriching the lives of young adults in the church. Thirty young people gathered from across Canada and it was the opinion of those participating that this kind of event should be continued. The next event will bring people to Niagara Falls where they will look at the theme emphasis of contemplating God’s call and what that means as ELCIC members. We look forward to this becoming a biennial event reaching young adults needs for a place in the church and an opportunity to gather with their peers.

In the next few years we want to concentrate on leadership development needs of the synods, training of youth leadership, advocacy of youth and youth ministry in the church at large and increase the use of the web site as a tool for ministry. We also want to encourage participation of our youth in available global opportunities, such as the LWF Pilgrimage to Jerusalem program.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev Elaine Sauer
Assistant for the Bishop for Synodical Relations


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