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Tenth Biennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Administrative Bylaws Amendments

Please note text to be removed is italic while new text is bolded.

  1. That the content from the Constitution, Article X (Conventions) Sections 4 to 7 be transferred from the Constitution to the Administrative By-laws, Part V (Conventions) Sections 1 to 4 and that the current Bylaw sections 1 to 18 be renumbered 5 to 22.

    Section 1. The secretary shall publish the time and place of each regular convention at least six months in advance. The secretary shall give written notice of a special convention to each congregation and each ordained minister serving under call, and shall publish the same at least thirty days prior to the opening date of the convention.

    Section 2. The voting membership of conventions shall consist of:

    1. Two hundred ordained ministers elected by the conferences as allocated by the National Church Council on the basis of baptized membership;
    2. A lay delegate elected by each parish* not already represented by an ordained minister and an additional lay delegate elected by every parish with more than eight hundred baptized members. Any parish with less than eight hundred members represented by an ordained minister for two consecutive conventions may not be represented by an ordained minister at the following convention.

    Section 3. The voting membership at a special convention shall consist of the delegates seated in the preceding regular convention provided they have not been disqualified by termination of membership in the parish they represented. Vacancies in delegations shall be filled by conferences and parishes as necessary.

    Section 4. A quorum shall consist of twenty per cent of the eligible voting members provided that such members are from at least two-thirds of the synods.

    *A parish is defined as consisting of those baptized persons served by a common pastoral ministry in one or more congregations.

  2. That Administrative Bylaws, Part VII (National Church Council) Section 10 be deleted and that the current sections 11 to 13 be renumbered to sections 10 to 12.

    Section 10. It shall nominate the editor of this church's official publication for election to a four-year renewable term by the church in convention.

    Note: Administrative Bylaws, Part VIII (officers), Section 1h identifies that "the bishop shall engage, with the approval of National Church Council, such staff as is necessary to discharge the responsibilities assigned to the bishop". This would include the responsibility for the position of the editor.

  3. That Administrative Bylaws, Part VI (Nominations and Elections), Section 3 be amended to include a new subsection 3f and the current subsections 3f & 3g & 3h be renumbered to subsections 3g & 3h & 3i:

    3f. When an incumbent officer is willing to be re-elected to their current position, the first ballot shall contain only their name. A two-thirds majority is required for re-election. If that percentage is not achieved on the first ballot, then the procedure described above shall be followed to fill the position.

  4. That Administrative Bylaws, Part VII, (National Church Council), Section 2 be amended to add one additional sentence at the end of Section 2 as follows:

    Section 2. The Executive Committee of the council shall consist of the officers of this church. In addition to the officers there shall be sixteen (16) elected members of National Church Council: one ordained minister and one lay person from each of the synods of British Columbia and Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario, one ordained minister and two lay persons from each of the synods of Alberta and Saskatchewan, and three ordained ministers and three lay persons from the Eastern Synod. There shall be one additional member appointed by the Council of General Synod (COGS) of the Anglican Church for a term to be determined by COGS.

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