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Tenth Biennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others
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The mission of Canada Lutheran is "to engage the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada in a dynamic dialogue in which information, inspiration and ideas are shared in a thoughtful and stimulating way."

As we adjust to the ongoing advancements in telecommunications technology, all of our communication tools—voice, Internet, email, print—increase our ability to reach people more completely and more frequently. Twenty years ago, Canada Lutheran was basically the only communications vehicle disseminating information within and about our National Church. Today, people who like something they can hold in their hands, something they can keep and/or pass along, continue to enjoy subscribing to the magazine. But other sources for information are available as well. There’s the ELCIC website on the Internet, plus e-newsletters, email and fax transmissions.

I will have completed two years as interim editor of the magazine as of June 3, 2005. During that time, I have endeavoured to sustain the high quality of the magazine, while at the same time introducing a more news-oriented approach. My thrust has consistently been to publish information and stories that would interest, stimulate and perhaps even provoke the readership.

I’ve been able to do this with the help of excellent staff support. Kristen Guy, the graphics designer (and Susan Taylor before her), Norm Coull, our proofreader, and Faye Schultz, who keeps us all on an even keel, have made the job a pleasure. Rev. Paul Johnson and Barb Fast have made themselves available as sounding boards on numerous occasions, and for that too, I’m very grateful. Two heads–or even more–are truly often better than one.

Our synod editors remain faithful to the job of providing relevant and interesting material from their respective parts of the country. Jill Gingrich, BC; Lisa Rude, ABT; Rosine Gerhardt, SK; Viola Burkett, MNO; and Winne Habel, Eastern, have maintained a high level of quality in their submissions. Juggling material—and ferreting it out–from all over their synods is challenging.

Response to the magazine has remained fairly consistent, with subscriptions dropping slightly over the two-year period—an expected development, given the availability of information on our website and the Communiqué e-newsletter. Canada Lutheran, however, provides an alternative, with in-depth treatment of topics and a forum for faith sharing.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ida Reichardt Backman
Interim Editor, Canada Lutheran


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