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Tenth Biennial Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Third Sitting: Friday, July 22, 2005 - 3:30 p.m. (DRAFT)

The Rev. Susan Johnson chaired the session.

Opening prayer was offered by The Rev. Michael Kurtz, Convention Chaplain.

Report of Committee on Minutes

NC-05-05   MS    That the minutes of session 1 be adopted as presented.


Third ballot for Election of the National Bishop was distributed and collected.

Fifty percent of ballots cast plus one required for election of a bishop on this ballot.

Global Hunger and Development Appeal (GHDA) and Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) Joint Report

The group from All Saints Lutheran, Ottawa, who are cycling across Canada to raise money for these causes were introduced to the Convention.

The Rev. Paul Johnson, Assistant to the Bishop and Ms. Ruth Jensen, Executive Director, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, presented their reports. Ms. Jensen presented a slide show on the work being done in other countries.

First Reading Constitution Amendments.


(Deletions are italic, additions are bold)

NC-05-06   MS    That a new Article IX (Full Communion Provisions) Section 1, be inserted into the ELCIC Constitution and that the current Articles IX to XXI. be renumbered to Articles X to XXI.

Section 1. Ordered ministers of churches with which this church has a full communion agreement, who are serving in this church under the provisions of that full communion agreement, shall have the same rights and privileges as the equivalent order of ministry in this church.


NC-05-07   MS    That the ELCIC Constitution Article XI (National Church Council) Section 1 first sentence be amended as follows:

Section 1. There shall be a National Church Council comprised composed of the officers of this church, who shall serve as the officers of the council; and additional members from the synods allocated on the basis of proportional representation according to baptized membership and other representatives from full communion agreements.

                MS   That "and other representatives from full communion agreements" be amended to read "and one other representative from churches with full communion agreements without vote."

Amendment Defeated

Original Motion Carried

Administrative Bylaws Amendments

The proposed administrative bylaw changes regarding the Convention were not brought forward as the Convention had earlier defeated the second reading constitutional amendment removing those provisions from the Constitution.

NC-05-08   MS    That Administrative Bylaws Part VIII (NCC) Section 10 be deleted and that the current sections 11 to 13 be renumbered to sections 10 to 12.

Section 10. It shall nominate the editor of this church's official publication for election to a four-year renewable term by the church in convention.

Note: Administrative Bylaws, Part VIII (officers), Section 1h identifies that "the bishop shall engage, with the approval of National Church Council, such staff as is necessary to discharge the responsibilities assigned to the bishop". This would include the responsibility for the position of the editor.

Discussion on the motion took place. The Rev. Susan Johnson assumed the chair so that the Rev. Raymond Schultz might address the convention on the subject at hand.



The Rev. Raymond Schultz resumed the chair and introduced the Rev. Alan Eldrid, Pastor President, the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and Uruguay. The Rev. Eldrid addressed the convention on the church in those countries.

The Rev. Raymond Schultz introduced Sr. Ginger Patchen who read a letter of greeting from Sr. Anne Keffer, Directing Deaconess; ELCA Deaconess Community.

Appointment of the Nominating Committee

NC-05-09   MS    Nominated for the Nominating committee for the 2007 Convention were:

Synod Nominees
Eastern Dorothy Frook, The Rev. Phil Heinze, The Rev. Mark Harris
MNO The Rev. Michael Kurtz
SK Elaine Miller, The Rev. David Hanes
ABT Barb Stolee, The Rev. Randy Meissner
BC Inga Maier


Report of the Committee on Elections

The Rev. James Hendricksen reported on the third ballot for national bishop:

Votes cast 401
Needed to elect 202

The results of this ballot were:

Nominee Ballots
Dennis Becker 0
James Koellner 0
Marc Lapointe 0
Daniel Haugen 1
Gregory Kern 1
John Theiss 1
Phillip Gagnon 2
Allan Grundahl 2
Carol Janke 2
Susan Johnson 2
Gerhard Preibisch 2
Richard M. Smith 3
David Whynot 3
Dennis Aicken 4
Cynthia Halmarson 4
Michael Pryse 5
Stephen Kristenson 71
K. Glen Johnson 84
Raymond Schultz 214

The Chair declared the Rev. Raymond Schultz elected to the office of National Bishop.

NC-05-10   MS    That the ballots from the election of Bishop be destroyed.



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