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Tenth Biennial Convention of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
July 21 - 24, 2005
Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Mission for Others

Bridges to South America

Pastor-President Alan Eldrid of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and Uruguay greeted the assembly and spoke of the developing relationship of our two churches. From early Lutheran missionary roots, we have grown into a more reciprical partnership.

In a country like Argentina, where 90% of the culture is Roman Catholic, the Lutheran church has had to establish new ways of knowing, doing and understanding. Significant relationships resulted, especially with the indigenous peoples of the Patagonia region. The particular affinity with Canada might also have something to do with the cooler climate in that part of the world, he joked.

Pastor Eldrid spoke of the "bridge of trust"—a two-way bridge—that our churches have built; an exceptional accomplishment.

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