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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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21–31 July 2003
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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The LWF Tenth Assembly Visitor Program

The Lutheran World Federation
Bearing Faithful Witness in Word and Deed for the Healing of the World

The Visitor Program will provide a venue for in-depth learning about the mission and ministry of the Lutheran World Federation. The Visitor Program will offer significant opportunities for dialog, discussion and learning facilitated by a wide diversity of leadership and guests who are present at the Assembly. These sessions will occur in the Presentation Theatre at the Winnipeg Convention Centre while the delegates and advisors are participating in the Village Groups.

These sessions are open to all full-time and day visitors as well as to accredited volunteers. Day Visitors do not register in advance, but register on site at the Assembly. A daily cost of $10 Cdn allows them to view the plenary sessions, join the morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, and thus meet with registered participants. Assembly documents and the meal program are not covered by the day visitor fee. There is a $4 Cdn charge for translation headsets, recommended for those viewing the plenary sessions.

  1. Bearing Faithful Witness—Moving from Federation to Communion

    Thursday, July 24 2:30 pm—An historical look at the LWF

  2. Bearing Faithful Witness in the Midst of the World's Diminishing Resources

    Friday, July 25 9:45 am—How can we work in partnerships to restore and wisely use resources?

  3. Bearing Faithful Witness with the World's Indigenous People

    Friday, July 25 2:30 pm—How do we address barriers of discrimination?

  4. Bearing Faithful Witness in the Midst of Globalization

    Saturday, July 26 9:45 am—How does the LWF take action toward more positive outcomes?

  5. Bearing Faithful Witness with our Ecumenical Partners

    Saturday, July 26 2:30 pm—How do we live out the call to unity?

  6. Bearing Faithful Witness on Human Rights Issues

    Monday, July 28 9:45 am—How do we advocate for justice in a violent world?

  7. Bearing Faithful Witness in a Multi-Faith World

    Tuesday, July 29 9:45 am—How does the LWF work toward understanding and reconciliation?

  8. Bearing Faithful Witness and the Call to Ordain Women

    Wednesday, July 30 9:45 am—How do we assist churches in receiving the gifts of women's leadership?


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