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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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21–31 July 2003
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lutheran World Federation?

The LWF is a global communion of Christian churches in the Lutheran tradition. Founded in 1947 in Lund (Sweden), the LWF now has 136 member churches in 75 countries representing over 61.7 million of the 65.4 million Lutherans worldwide.

A complete listing of member churches can be found on the LWF's web site.

What does the LWF do?

The LWF acts on behalf of its member churches in areas of common interest such as ecumenical relations, theology, humanitarian assistance, human rights, communication and the various aspects of mission and development work. For more specific details of this work, please visit the LWF's web site www.lutheranworld.org

The LWF was founded upon four pillars:

  • rescue for the needy
  • common initiatives in mission
  • joint efforts in theology
  • a common response to the ecumenical challenges

How is the LWF governed?

The Assembly, normally held every six years, is the LWF's highest decision-making body. The Assembly consists of representatives of the member churches of the Federation. Between Assemblies, the LWF is governed by a Council, which convenes annually, and by its Executive Committee.

What happens at an Assembly?

Representatives gathered at an Assembly make major decisions on the future direction of the LWF, share experience about issues facing their churches, and worship together celebrating their cultural diversity.

Who participates at an Assembly?

In addition to the 450 delegates from member churches, there are representatives from recognized congregations, councils and related agencies; ecumenical and other official guests; LWF Council members and advisors; LWF staff and coopted staff; accredited journalists; interpreters and translators; volunteers and visitors.

All participants must register and full-time visitors require the endorsement of their church (e.g. the ELCIC for ELCIC members).

There is a commitment that women and men will each comprise 50% of the total number of delegates, and that 20% of the delegates will be youth under age 30.

Who was responsible for what?

A listing is provided here.

What can you tell me about previous Assemblies?

More about previous assemblies…


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