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Lutheran World Federation Tenth Assembly

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July 21 - 31, 2003
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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For Congregations

The resources below are intended for the use of ELCIC congregations. Some of the resources listed are also available as .pdf files. Use the links below to download them. Permission is granted for reproduction for congregational use. Please indicate copyright information when appropriate.

  • Village Voices

    included in January 2003 mailing

    Ten discussion sheets, one for each topic of the LWF Assembly. ELCIC members are encouraged to meet, discuss, record and return the completed discussion sheets to the national ELCIC/ELW office. Pastors and other congregational leaders are encouraged to facilitate these discussions. More

  • Communion and Globalization

    included in September 2002 mailing

    Use this script to help your congregation discuss how to respond to economic globalization. Don't hesitate to deal with this big topic. All the research has been done for you in this short, easy-to-deliver sketch for a narrator and four voices. (Download .pdf file)

    (Horizons for the Reign of God, mentioned as an extra resource, is available from the ELCIC orders desk for $2.00 per copy.)

  • The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification

    included in September 2002 mailing

    Justification by faith through God's grace, a cornerstone of Lutheran theology, no longer divides Protestants and Catholics. The Roman Catholic Church and LWF have been talking for 30 years about this! Did you know that? What does it mean to your congregation and the Catholic Church down the block? Challenge your adult class or youth group to discuss this pamphlet and propose some action. (Download .pdf file)

  • Children's Resource

    included in September 2002 mailing

    A chance for children to "play" at peacemaking. Use this as a bulletin insert, or give it to your Sunday school staff. The game and puzzle will encourage children to talk and think about being peacemakers. Share their ideas as a part of worship, at an intergenerational event, in your newsletter or as a special display. "From the mouths of babes…." (Download .pdf file)

  • LWF Sunday Leaders' Resource

    included in September 2002 mailing

    Worship and study material written by Latin American churches is provided to prepare for and celebrate LWF Sunday. Use the three excellent discussion guides (appropriate for adults and older youth) on the weeks leading up to your worship service. Then build in space for reflection and discussion during the service. (Download .pdf file)

  • LWF Sunday Information Resource

    included in September 2002 mailing

    This would make an excellent bulletin insert with facts about LWF, LWF Sunday and prayer petitions.(Download .pdf file)

  • Worship Service suggestions

    included in September 2002 mailing

    This complete service, using the theme of the Assembly, is suitable for Sunday morning or devotions for a small group like your church council or adult forum. (Download .pdf file)

  • Our Worldwide Lutheran Community (poster)

    included in September 2002 mailing

    Display this colourful poster in a prominent spot. Why not make it the focus of a larger display board that grows as your congregation learns about LWF and the Assembly? Celebrate the immense Lutheran family to which you belong. The map is a central tool for the following study guides.

  • Study Guides to Accompany Map

    included in September 2002 mailing

    Two guides in one folder, one for adults and one for youth, will help a group learn about the LWF, its members and its projects. Start to understand why we are excited about hosting the Tenth Assembly of the LWF. Leaders may need to gather some background information. Web site addresses are included. (Download .pdf file)

  • "You can plan a role in…" (brochure)

    included in September 2002 mailing

    Share with your congregation specific ways in which each of us can get involved in the LWF Tenth Assembly. Wherever you live, you can contribute. (See the ELW resource for a detailed guide through this brochure) You may order more of these brochures from orders@elcic.ca. You will be charged postage.

  • Hymn Suggestions

    The "theme hymn" for the Tenth Assembly of the LWF, "For the Healing of the Nations" is found in the Anglican Church's Common Praise, number 576,(text: Fred Kaan ©1968 Hope Publishing Co., music: Henry Purcell).

    If you prefer not to obtain the necessary copyright permission, please borrow hymnals or invite your Anglican neighbours to sing with you. We also hope you will choose hymns from our Lutheran hymnals like the ones listed below.

    Lutheran Book of Worship

    • 359 In Christ There is No East or West
    • 360 O Christ, the Healer, We Have Come
    • 376 Your Kingdom Come!
    • 126 Where Charity and Love Prevail
    • 480 Oh, that the Lord Would Guide My Ways

    With One Voice

    • 712 Listen, God is Calling
    • 716 Word of God, Come Down on Earth
    • 723 The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve
    • 738 Healer of Our Every Ill
    • 763 Let Justice Flow like Streams
    • 795 Oh, Sing to the Lord

Other Resources

  • ELW Study Resource

    A 20-minute workshop/discussion that will educate about the Assembly, allow a chance to sample the type of discussion that will happen there, and offer specific ideas about how to get involved as an individual, a group or a congregation. If any of the ELW members of your congregation attended their conference fall leadership event, they will have experienced this workshop. It is suitable for any group and may be downloaded from the ELW web site at www.elw.ca. Read more in the Fall 2002 Esprit, page 54.

  • Prayers on the Internet

    Please check periodically at www.worship.ca for prayer petitions you can use to uplift our partnership with the LWF.

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