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Gifts Over and Above 2002

Buildling Lutheran Student Housing in Cameroon

By Rev. Etienne Fomgbami, Good News Partner

The University of Ngaoundéré

Cameroon lies south of Nigeria and north of Gabon on the west coast of Africa

The University of Ngaoundéré is situated in the southern part of north Cameroon. It is one of six universities in Cameroon that serve a population of 15,456,092. It draws most of its students from three provinces: Adamaoua, North and Far North. It is a new university created only recently. At first, it only offered a Bachelor degree in Science but each year new programs are added. Now students can train for careers in the sciences, engineering, law and economics. The students are very diverse, coming from all over the country and also from the neighboring countries. As they are coming from far away, they need houses where they can stay during the school year.

The Lack of Housing

When I was in Cameroon, I visited the Lutheran Chaplain of the University of Ngaoundéré. He described the sad situation of some students coming from the far North and neighboring countries. These students were obliged to stop their studies and return home because they could not find a place to stay. Some of these students became a burden on their families. Without the training they had hoped to gain, their hopes of a better future were dashed. In the worst cases, they ended up beggars, vagabonds or thieves on the streets.

In Ngaoundéré, aware of the situation of the students in the area, the Muslims, Catholics and Lutherans have built some student houses where students can stay. The fees there are cheaper than the rent in private rental housing that people have built in the area to earn some income.

The Unfinished Lutheran Student House

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon knew the student needs and began to build a student house. The effort was appreciable but the student house is standing there unfinished. There was not enough money to finish the plumbing and electrical work. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon is very concerned about the situation and has called on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada for help. When the house is finished, it will be open to anybody in need.

You can make a big difference by giving your contribution. Your donation will help finish the house and will allow some students to find places where they can stay to study. Thank you for your response.


Pastor Yadji Doko visited the ELCIC's Synod of Alberta and the Territories from August 1997- February 1998 under a Missionary Exchange program with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (ELCC). Today he serves the ELCC as pastor in Garoua-Boulaï, Cameroon.

He offers this commentary on the need for completion of the Lutheran student housing Directed Gift project.

Yadji Doko with his Canadian bicycle

Dear Friends,

It is a great joy for me to give some news about my church.

Concerning the housing in Ngaoundéré University, it is a big project for the church to take care of Christians who are studying in this college. There are two main reasons that convince the EELC to make this project:

  1. The problem of students whose parents are very poor: This housing can help them live in church rooms which can be very cheap
  2. The problem of Islamic conversion: The Ngaoundéré town is among the Muslims who are practically supported by the Arabic countries. These Muslims can convince some Christian students to convert to Islam when they offer them cheap rooms in Muslim student housing and tuition assistance if they live there.

Please give my greetings to the churches I have visited in Canada. Say hi also to Pastor Etienne Fomgbami and family, Good News Partners to the ELCIC. God bless you.

-- Pastor Yadji Doko


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Furnishings 4,080
Plumbing 5,015
Total 40,000


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