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Photo Journal: Mission in the World

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jordan & the Holy Land (ELCJHL)

The ELCJHL has about 3000 members in 6 congregations. One of these churches is in Amman, Jordan and five are in Palestine and Jerusalem including this one in Beit Jala.

Rev Paul Johnson, ELCIC Assistant to the Bishop, traveled to Jerusalem and Bethlehem to meet with the ELCJHL in 2004.

Paul was the first person ever from the ELCIC to attend the ELCJHL's Coordinating Committee for Cooperation meeting. This annual meeting brings together representatives from the ELCJHL's partners in the United States, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and now Canada.

The Bishop of the ELCJHL is Rev Munib Younan (front, centre). Working with other Christian denominations in the region, Bishop Younan has been effective at bringing international attention to the plight of people who are oppressed by the Israeli government, not only because they are Palestinian but also because they are Christian. Bishop Younan calls for advocacy now, or one day there may be no more Christians living in the Holy Land.

A "Separation Wall" is being constructed and is encroaching on Palestinian land. The wall is increasing the oppression by making it harder for people to get around.

The Augusta Victoria Lutheran Hospital is funded by the LWF, including its partner CLWR. The hospital has been serving Palestinians for 50 years.

Each of the 5 schools is affiliated with one of the ELCJHL congregations.

The Separation Wall and numerous other existing check points make it very difficult for employees and patients alike to get to this hospital in East Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives.

The ELCJHL operates 5 elementary and secondary schools that are available to both Christian and Muslim students.

During Paul's visit, there was a sports day at the school at Beit Sahour and Bishop Younan presented awards to the athletes.

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