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It's Your Call--identify, explore and celebrate vocation

VI Lets Have Some Fun!: Who Wants to be a Minister?

This game is loosely modeled on the game show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?".

Game-show Questions

  1. How long does it take to become a pastor?
    1. 6 years;
    2. 3 years;
    3. 4 years;
    4. Who needs school anyway?
  2. Where does a 'call' to be a pastor come from?
    1. the telephone;
    2. in a dream;
    3. in a fortune cookie;
    4. in a conversation between you and God and affirmed by the church community.
  3. Who should you ask to become an official candidate for ministry?
    1. your pastor;
    2. your psychiatrist;
    3. the bishop;
    4. your school guidance counselor.
  4. True or false…a pastor works for an hour on Sundays only?
    1. true;
    2. false;
    3. partially true;
    4. mostly false.
  5. Which one of the following courses do you NOT have to take to be a pastor?
    1. death and dying;
    2. Greek or Hebrew;
    3. church music;
    4. New Testament and Old Testament
  6. How much does it cost to become a pastor?
    1. It's free! The church pays all costs!;
    2. $40,000-$50,000;
    3. $10,000 - $20,000;
    4. $15.00
  7. How many ELCIC seminaries are there in Canada?
    1. 2;
    2. 4;
    3. 6;
    4. 8
  8. The purpose of the candidacy process is:
    1. to promote communication between the Synod and the rest of the church;
    2. to help students learn how to run committee meetings;
    3. to work with students to help clarify and discern their sense of 'call';
    4. to improve the quality of fellowship time refreshments
  9. A person preparing to become a pastor is guided through the candidacy process by:
    1. reading the Bible;
    2. the professors at the seminary;
    3. map and compass;
    4. the Candidacy Committee (C-COM) or Committee for Theological Education and Leadership (C-TEL) of their synod.
  10. Where does a pastor work?
    1. church only;
    2. at the hospital;
    3. in the prison;
    4. all of the above (and other places too!)
  11. Which of the following is not included in an ordination service?
    1. laying on of hands;
    2. an exchange of rings;
    3. prayers and a sermon;
    4. hymns and a joyful celebration
  12. To be a Lutheran pastor, how long must you be a Lutheran?
    1. 5 years;
    2. since birth;
    3. 3 years;
    4. 2 years
  13. What are the two sacraments of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada?
    1. Marriage and Confirmation;
    2. Holy Communion and Baptism;
    3. Ordination and Graduation;
    4. Baptism and Litigation
  14. Which country has the largest number of Lutherans by population?
    1. Canada;
    2. USA;
    3. Germany;
    4. Tanzania
  15. What is the name of the world-wide communion of Lutherans?
    1. Canadian Lutheran World Relief;
    2. Lutheran World Federation;
    3. United Nations Commission for Religious Freedom;
    4. The Klingon Empire
  16. Being a pastor is:
    1. a great responsibility;
    2. a privilege;
    3. fun;
    4. all of the above
  17. What is the original language of the New Testament?
    1. English;
    2. Aramaic;
    3. Hebrew;
    4. Greek
  18. How many Synods are there in the ELCIC?
    1. 12;
    2. 5;
    3. 3;
    4. 7
  19. Where are the 2 ELCIC seminaries located?
    1. Waterloo and St. Catherine's;
    2. Saskatoon and Edmonton;
    3. Saskatoon and Waterloo;
    4. Toronto and Vancouver
  20. What is Article 4 of the Augsburg Confession about?
    1. justification by our own works;
    2. justification by another person's works;
    3. justification by grace through faith;
    4. justification by not falling asleep during Sunday sermons
  21. What religion did Jesus belong to?
    1. Judaism;
    2. Christianity;
    3. Lutheran;
    4. Buddhism
  22. What usually comes after the Gospel reading during a worship service?
    1. communion;
    2. sermon;
    3. kyrie;
    4. Sunday Night Football
  23. The ELCIC is in full communion with which other denomination?
    1. Lutheran Church–Canada;
    2. Roman Catholic Church;
    3. Presbyterian Church of Canada
    4. Anglican Church of Canada
  24. A pastor is someone who is:
    1. a scholar, a preacher, a visitor, a teacher, an administrator;
    2. a friend, a listener, a supporter, a spiritual leader, a facilitator;
    3. all of the above
    4. none of the above
  25. During their internship, the prospective pastor will…
    1. work full-time in ministry for one year under the supervision of an experienced pastor;
    2. complete and present a research paper on a topic approved by their seminary;
    3. memorize one of the four Gospels;
    4. carry a card that indicates they are a 'Pastor in Training.'


Please produce enough "life-lines" for both teams prior to playing the game. A suggestion is to give these life-lines to the teams in the form of tokens. Once all their tokens are gone, so are their life-lines!

  • Ask a Pastor
  • 50/50 (Host eliminates 2 of the wrong answers leaving 1 wrong answer and the right answer.)


  1. c
  2. a
  3. d
  4. b
  5. c
  6. c
  7. a
  8. d
  9. c
  10. d
  11. b
  12. d
  13. b
  14. d
  15. b
  16. d
  17. d
  18. b
  19. c
  20. c
  21. a
  22. b
  23. d
  24. c
  25. a

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