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For more information on becoming a pastor or a diaconal minister, please contact your Synod office.

Rostered Ministers

In seeking to achieve its mission, the ELCIC nurtures, supports and oversees Rostered Ministers, who offer leadership and vision to the church, congregations and various ministry contexts. The ELCIC has two types of public ministers: Ordained and Diaconal.

Ordained Ministers (Pastors) are called to a public ministry of Word and Sacrament as a means of creating and nourishing faith in the church. While many pastors serve in congregations, they also serve in a variety of settings such as hospital chaplaincy, military chaplaincy, colleges, seminaries, camps, missionary fields, and synodical and national offices.

Diaconal Ministers are called to a public ministry of “Word and Service.” Rooted in the Word of God, and accountable to the church, diaconal ministers train both theologically and for a particular service. Inherent to diaconal vocation is leading and equipping all the baptized for diakonia, by helping people to discern gifts for service, by encouraging awareness of the world’s brokenness, and by forming supportive community in the midst of ministries.





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