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Letters of Call Documents



From time to time it is beneficial for the church to review the primary documents by which we order the administrative dimensions of our lives and ministries. At the request of the ELCIC National Church Council (NCC), the Conference of Bishops has, with the assistance of ELCIC Groups Services Inc., recently reviewed and proposed updates to the Letters of Call by which rostered leaders are engaged for ministry. These revised documents were presented and approved in principal by NCC at its September 2016 meeting and are now being shared with the church.


It is anticipated that the documents will be presented to NCC again in September 2017 for final approval and will then be implemented in 2018.


Rostered leaders in the ELCIC are, at once and the same time, both called and employed. The revised documents have been written with a view to better clarifying each of these important dimensions which define the relationship between rostered ministers and the congregations and employing agencies they serve.


It is our hope and expectation that these proposed changes will enhance the quality of our vocational relationships and deepen our bonds of mutual care and accountability. We commend them to you!


Letters of Call


Employment Agreement

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