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600-177 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0W5

Phone: 204.984.9173
Toll-Free: 888.786.6707
Fax: 204.984.9185


ELCIC National Church Council


Elected Members                     Synod - (Type) - Term

Chris Bishopp

Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario (rostered), 2017-2022



Jeff Buhse

Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario (lay), 2015-2019




Bruce Cook

Eastern (lay), 2017-2022


Jane Gingrich

British Columbia (rostered), 2015-2019

Cole Guenter

Saskatchewan (lay), 2015-2019

Cynthia Haines-Turner

Anglican Church of Canada Representative









James Hendricksen

Alberta and the Territories (rostered), 2017-2022



Iris Kristjansdottir

Saskatchewan (rostered), 2017-2022

Pat Lovell  
Eastern (lay), 2015-2019


Les Pearson

Alberta and the Territories (lay), 2015-2019



Curt Satre
British Columbia (lay), 2017-2022


Jeffrey Smith

Eastern (rostered), 2015-2019




National Bishop Susan C. Johnson     

Sheila Hamilton

Linda Grainger

Ken Day



Advisory Members

Rev. Dr Sid Haugen

Bishop, Saskatchewan Synod

Rev. Dr Larry Kochendorfer

Bishop, Synod of Alberta and the Territories

Rev. Dr Greg Mohr

Bishop, British Columbia Synod

Rev. Michael Pryse

Bishop, Eastern Synod


Rev. Jason Zinko

Bishop, Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod

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