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Convention Motions

NC–97–37 MS
That by the end of 1999, the National Church in response to crises in marriages and family life, in cooperation with synods and conferences, promote in every congregation gospel centered pre-marriage, marriage and family life ministries that will renew, enrich and celebrate the fullness of what it means to have Christ in the home.

NC–99–30 MS
Be it resolved that this convention acknowledge with thanks the excellent work of the Family Ministry Steering Committee.

Be it resolved that this convention recommend to National Church Council that Family Ministry be endorsed as a high priority in its planning and that the NCC provide the financial support for the further development of this ministry.

Be it resolved that this convention recommend to National Church Council, all national staff and all synods, that the excellent training and resources of the Family Ministry Steering Committee be used and further developed to promote Family Life Ministries throughout the church and that a report of progress be made at the next Convention.

CC–99–147 MS
That the Strategic Planning Group names Family Ministry as a priority in our church and directs the Treasurer to allocate funds for Family Ministry in the ELCIC budget for 2001 and the following years.

CC–00–113 MS
That NCC endorse "Partners in Faith Sundays" for the four Sundays in May 2001 and encourage congregations to utilize the resources provided for that purpose.

CC–00–124/125 MS
That the following strategic directions for 2001-2003 be presented to the 2001 National Convention for ratification:

The ELCIC will:
– Nurture faith and family ministries
– Strengthen collaborative working relationships in ecumenical and interfaith activities, with primary focus on strengthening our relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada
– Strengthen collaborative working relationships within this church.

CC–02–12 MS
That the Steering Committee on Partners in Faith (Family Ministry) be mandated to continue through the 2003 convention as a task force responsible to the National Bishop.

Final National Convention ActionThe following appeared in the Report of the Bishop at National Convention July 2003:

A strong and dedicated Partners in Faith National Steering Committee has been working since 1998 to address the challenge of family ministry. Partners in Faith endeavors to equip people for passing on the faith and to support discipleship in a home/congregation partnership.

Over those years, synod teams have been recruited and trained, gatherings of many sorts (camps, conferences, meetings, seminars) have served to introduce this ministry, Partner Congregations have been identified who will serve as mentors to others and resources have been identified or created.

A Handbook for Congregations was published, web pages have been designed, communication networks discussed.

It is the recommendation of the National Church Council and the Conference of Bishops that responsibility for Partners in Faith move to the synods. This decision was supported by all five synod bishops at the Conference of Bishops in December 2002 and reflects the ELCIC National and Synodical Responsibilities document.

Each synod will establish a Partners in Faith strategy that will nurture the ministry and allow it to continue to grow.

Members of the National Steering Committee have completed their terms with a focus on strengthening synodical links. Lines of accountability have been established, teams identified and Partner Congregations recruited, trained and encouraged.

Elaine Sauer and Barb Fast will provide National Office support as needed for the work of this ministry.

This recommendation was accepted by Convention. NC–03–04

In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
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