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Video Series Used During Worship Hour
The MNO Congregation at Abundant Life Lutheran Church in Winnipeg challenged their members to a discussion of the "Splashed With Promise" Video Series within the setting of three Sunday morning worship services. Here is a review by Lori Brooks, member at Abundant Life and of the MNO Synod Partners in Faith team.

An excellent video series for adults, in 3 sessions

  • "Learning the Language of Faith"
  • "Living the Language of Faith"
  • "Passing on the Language of Faith"

It is highly recommended to use the pre and post-video discussion questions

A minimum of one hour is required, but you definitely have to keep an eye on the clock and give reminders to participants to keep moving and reminders of what question they should be discussing.

Plan to have coffee/refreshments ready just prior to starting the video (allow 5–10 minutes for people to get settled)


  • Use 5 minutes or more at the beginning to introduce and read preliminary information
  • allow approx. 15 minutes for pre–video discussion questions
  • 20 minutes for video
  • 20 minutes for post–video discussion questions

Groups of three to four people work best. Everyone gets a chance to speak. Suggest that they not sit with family members.

This series has been used twice at Abundant Life Lutheran Church in Winnipeg in 2002. The first time we used it prior to the service.

The second time, we used the series during the service once a month. The service was shortened considerably. The video and discussion was used in place of the sermon, no communion. We closed with the final hymn and the blessing/dismissal.

  • Well received and lots and positive feedback
  • Note: shortened service may need Council approval.

The Facilitator should preview the video and questions, and have photocopies available. (It is a good idea to number the questions. You could underline important statements in the introductions and the questions before copying.)

Advertise in bulletin and newsletter – could be a separate handout

Use a consistent Sunday e.g. the first Sunday of the month.

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