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Do Pets go to Heaven? Prepared by:
Cheri Colenutt (Moose Jaw)
Pastor Richard Schulz (Strasbourg)
Marcie Fenn (Winnipeg)
Pastor Elaine Sauer (Winnipeg)

Theme:  Do Pets Go To Heaven?

Target Audience: Youth and Youth Leaders

This module is set up in such a way to direct the discussion around the question. However, it should be noted that the generalizing and theologizing will not necessarily follow the discussion to the exact conclusion we have come to.

This module is a tool for discussion, for seeking answers in God's Word, and for helping to understand what the issues are for youth. It is a starting point in your faith journey with your youth.


  • What is your understanding of Heaven?
  • What is the role or relationship to the family pet?
  • Is there a relationship between God and pets? What is it?

Materials or Resources(required)

  • Bibles
  • Video "All Dogs Go to Heaven"


  1. Share stories about pets. Describe your pets death?
  2. Share your feelings and concerns about the loss.

*This honours feelings about our pets and gives an outlet for those feelings and losses.

Take the experiences and talk about them in terms of the following:

  1. What is it about death that concerns us?
  2. How do you respond to someone saying, "It's just an animal!"?
  3. What are issues around this topic that may be barriers in our thinking?
  4. What conflicting values are evident in our discussion about pets and heaven.


  1. Describe your vision of heaven.
  2. What do you think of the relationship between pets and God?
  3. Look to other resources. What kind of messages do they portray?

Video – "All Dogs Go to Heaven" (worldly view)
Bible – Revelation 14:13; Revelation 19:5–8 (Biblical view)

Stumbling blocks for us:

  • We don't baptize pets.
  • The bible says, "Be baptized".
  • Belief in Jesus Christ is required to get to heaven.

Good news for us:

  • God created pets/animals and said, "It is good!"
  • God said, "Blessed are the dead who rest in him."

Our Action:

Commit the pet's spirit to God.

Permission is granted to reproduce this module for use in ELCIC congregations. Any other use requires copyright permission. Please contact bfast@elcic.ca.

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© Copyright 2007 Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada