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A Litany of Prayer and Thanksgiving

: Gracious God who is creator and Father of all, we thank you that in your ongoing creation you demonstrate your unimaginable power in caring for the universe.

Participants: Yet in your ongoing care of creation you demonstrate through Jesus that you are a God of loving forgiveness despite the way we have so often messed up your creation. You continually and patiently give us time to make amends.

F: Through our Lord Jesus you have demonstrated that power does not win the human heart but only gentleness and compassion.

P: Through Jesus you have taught us that in turning the other cheek and loving our enemies we most effectively pass on the life and the faith of the Church.

F: Through Jesus you have shown us that only in our willingness to die to all the personal insecurities that control us, can we rise to a new life of confidence in our faith.

P: Lord God, we thank you for all those people in our past who have influenced us toward the maturity of our faith. Help us to continue their influence in the lives of all those who are entrusted to be in our care.

F: Help us Lord to learn from Jesus to be patient, loving and compassionate so that we can model the life of Christ to a world who may otherwise not ever know Christ except in us.

P: May your Spirit guide us in learning from Jesus your truth that sets us free. Amen.

Permission is granted to reproduce this module for use in ELCIC congregations. Any other use requires copyright permission. Please contact bfast@elcic.ca.

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