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Policy on Corporate Sponsorship


The National Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada reaffirms the important role of corporate philanthropy in supporting activities of the ELCIC and other voluntary organizations. In the ELCIC social statement on sustainable social economics, the ELCIC has said, “ People need to be encouraged in their charitable giving to voluntary organizations. Corporate philanthropy is another means that can provide necessary support for the social sector.” (Horizons for the Reign of God, p.48).

  1. Regarding the question of corporate donations, sponsorships and endorsements, the ELCIC acknowledges that the church must take care in accepting such gifts. As the ELCIC has further noted, “Companies can transform supportive relationships into marketing opportunities through endorsements and sponsorships."(Horizons for the Reign of God, p.47). Gifts must be truly gifts without conditions. Corporate donations that reflect the ELCIC’s understanding of stewardship, that is, that are given out of thankfulness for what one has been given, may be received.
  2. The ELCIC can publicly express appreciation for corporate gifts in appropriate ways. In anticipation of such public acknowledgement, all donations and gifts over $5000 should be reviewed by the ELCIC Officers, in consultation with the Lutheran Office for Public Policy if necessary, to ensure that acceptance of such gifts complies with our positions on corporate social responsibility as reflected in our social statements and policy positions.
Adopted by: National Church Council
September 16, 2000

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