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Service Resources This congregation shall live by faith active in love. It shall motivate, equip and support its members to minister in daily life; to participate as members of a caring community; to serve as Christians in all the institutions and structures of the society of which they are a part; and individually and corporately to promote justice and reconciliation, meet human needs and alleviate suffering. In these efforts the congregation shall co-operate with the synod and the divisions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, other Christian churches and other groups in society. It shall make certain that all its functions strengthen the motivation and ability for service.

Lutheran Office for Public Policy

As a ministry of the church, the Lutheran Office for Public Policy seeks assist the church in exercising responsible participation in society and in addressing continuing crucial social issues. It is part of the continuing effort by the church to participate in the discussion of important questions of public policy. More

Restorative Justice Week

Restorative Justice Week takes place November 17-24. Among its goals are pursuit of cost-effective ways of "making things right" and building safer communities by breaking the cycles of violence and victimizationamong all people. Visit the Government of Canada Correctional Services website for more information and resources to use in your congregation or call the Restorative Justice and Dispute Resolution Unit at 613.947.7309

Useful Links

  • Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives

    ELCIC is a member of Kairos, the new ecumenical partnership bringing together the Aboriginal Rights Coalition, the Canada Asia Working Group, the Ecumenical Coalition for Economic Justice, Inter-Church Action for Development, Relief and Justice, the Inter-Church Coalition on Africa, the Inter-Church Committee for Human Rights in Latin America, the Inter-Church Committee for Refugees, PLURA, the Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility and TEN DAYS for Global Justice.

  • Project Ploughshares: an ecumenical agency of the Canadian Council of Churches

    The mission of Project Ploughshares, rooted in the faith commitment to seek peace and to pursue it, is to carry out research, analysis, dialogue, and public education on peace and security issues to advance our understanding and knowledge of the roots and causes of armed conflict, and the measures and policies that are conducive to achieving a more peaceful world.

  • Church Council on Justice and Corrections

    The Church Council on Justice and Corrections is a national coalition of faith-based individuals and churches who act as a shining light for a more humane way of doing criminal justice.

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