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Considering Same-Sex Blessings

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Additional ContributionsNicolette Avery: Blessing Same-Sex Unions: a Lay member's perspective

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Hawarden, SK and Hanley Lutheran Church, Hanley, SK: A Joint Statement

Paul Bosch: Letter by retired pastor Paul Bosch to the clergy and people of the ELCIC

Canadian Chinese Lutheran Ministry Conference: Position Statement Concerning Marriage, Homosexuality, and the Church

Joel Crouse: Whack-A-Mole, And Other Cultural Games: A Historical Analysis of Same-Sex Marriage

Joel Crouse: The Shades Of Change: Same-Sex Relationships-A Personal Journey

Tom Doherty: The Blessing of Same-Sex Couples: A Pastor's Concern

Wayne Eberly: What the Blessing of My Same-Sex Union Meant To Me

Bart Eriksson: Homosexuality and Injustice

Bart Eriksson: Luther on Sin and Salvation: Implications for the Homosexuality Debate

Brad Everett: The Position of the Society of the Holy Trinity (STS) Concerning Same-Sex Blessings

First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Toronto: Congregational Statement re ELCIC Same-Sex Blessings Resolution Proposal

Ralferd Freytag: Some Thoughts on Homosexuality in Relation to the Bible

Phillip E. Gagnon: A Question of Pastoral Integrity and Compassion

Phillip E. Gagnon: The Authority rests with the Holy Scriptures: Why the Local Option is not an Option

L. Owen Giebelhaus: Traditional Marriage: One Man and One Woman to the Exclusion of All Others

Daniel Glaeske: A Lay Perspective on Marriage and Same Sex Blessings, and the Current Controversy in our Church

Don Hall: Behold, I Do a New Thing?

Herbert Harms: A Psychodynamic Understanding of the Strong Objections to Same-Sex Marriage

Kayko Driedger Hesslein: Issues of Sin: The Bible and the Holy Spirit or A Letter to Opa

John Hucsko: Rejecting the Gay Agenda…A Warning for The Church and to the ELCIC

K. Glen Johnson: Living Faithfully In The New Birth Given To Us Through The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ From The Dead

Lionel Ketola: Words and Deeds: Putting 'fully welcome' into action: A gay couple's response to the ELCIC's legacy of discrimination and the National Church Council's recommendation on same-sex blessings.

Stephen Kristenson: Some Reflections on the Resolution Regarding the Blessing of Same Sex Unions

André Lavergne: The Blessing of Same-Sex Couples: A Pastoral Journey

John Lefsrud: Sentimentality or Scripture?

Lord Of All Lutheran Church, Strathmore Alberta: A Congregational Submission Regarding The Issue Of Same-Sex Blessings

Tom Lurvey: Statement on Same-Sex Blessing

Patrick McLean: Does The Holy Spirit Guide Our Conventions?

Victor and Shirley Mollerup: A Position Statement Concerning the ELCIC Resolution on Same-Sex Blessing

Francis X. Muttoo: Upon A Closer Examination—Same-Sex Marriage Blessing

Daryle Niedermayer: Back to the Garden: Recovering the Divine Union Through Our Sexuality

David Pfrimmer: Life in Society: A Christian Witness

Tyler Pirlot: A Lutheran Psychiatrist's Point of View

Gerhard Preibisch: The Resolution on the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions (to be published in the June 2005 issue of Canada Lutheran)

Michael J. Pryse: A Reasonable Compromise (to be published in the May 2005 issue of the Eastern Synod Lutheran)

Douglas Scott: Against the Influence of Para-church Organizations in the Discussion of Same-sex Blessings

Colleen Shantz: Life in Community: A Gospel Witness

Frederic Schroeder: Additional Statement

Sandra Waller: Shark-Infested Waters: Thoughts on Caring Conversation Six and the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions

Mike Wellunscheg: Same-Sex Blessings and the Perspicuity of Scripture
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