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Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario

MNO Consultant -- Rev. Larry Ulrich

Responsibilities: Stewardship, Canadian Mission and Youth Ministry

Stewardship Mandate: To assist congregational leadership, particularly stewardship committees, to promote a biblical sense of the stewardship of all God’s gifts in creation, as a direct response to God’s grace and love for us.

Addressing the Mandate: By challenging and assisting congregational leadership to think “stewardship” the whole year long, promoting stewardship materials and programs that congregations can use each year, working with congregations to address the ”time and talent” part of stewardship each spring, and the “money” part of stewardship each fall.

Favourite Stewardship Phrase: Stewardship is everything we do after we say “I believe.”

Watch for your new Stewardship materials that will be made available to your congregations by May 2007 called “Growing Joyful Stewards in Your Congregation”.



Rev. Larry Ulrich

Workshops / Resouces

  • New Consecration Sunday (45 minutes) - This is a stewardship program that can be used for at least two years in a row. It’s straight forward and has been used by at least 5 of our congregations this past year, with wonderful results (anywhere between 5 and 25 % percent increase in giving in a single year).
  • Year-Round Stewardship (45 minutes) - This workshop is a comprehensive look at a congregational stewardship program that includes visioning for mission and a plan for year- round stewardship.
  • Being Good Stewards of our Mission and Ministry (2 hours) - A power point presentation that involves Bible Study and discussion around the question “What is God’s vision for our congregation in this time and in this place?”
  • Free downloadable tools for your stewardship program:
    Signposts of a Financially Healthy CongregationYear and a Year-Round Stewardship Calendar

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