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I have called you friends.

Generations of Generosity.

Go and See… a discovery
and celebration of the gifts
God has given.

Let God Lead…
As you Gather and Give.

All–Year–Long Giving—
A Perpetual Celebration.

This year’s stewardship theme calls us to consider the friendship offered by Jesus to all who follow him and how this friendship invites us to grow as joyful stewards of all that this friendship entails.

When Jesus calls us friends, he not only calls ourselves, but also an entire community. In the coming year we are invited to consider how we can be stewards of the communities that God has called and all the diverse gifts that God has given and that are brought together in our communities.

When Jesus calls us friends, we are called into God’s love. How have you experienced and been given Christ’s love in your life? How has this love and compassion brought healing and joy to your life? How is God calling you to share this love and compassion with others? How are we as a Church being called to be a steward of God’s love?

When Jesus calls us friends, we are called friends by the crucified one. This takes courage. How are we called to courage? How are we called to be stewards of courage through our encouragement of other?

When Jesus calls us friends, we are also called to the great feast and celebration of God. Where do we see the feast of God around us? How do we share the stories of faith which express the feast of faith we are apart of? How does our generosity invite others to God’s feast and how does our generosity grow this great feast of God? 

This year we are reminded of how Jesus has called us friends and how we are called to be stewards; To be stewards of the gifts which are the people God has called together to form God’s Church; To be Stewards of God’s love and compassion; To be courageous stewards; To be stewards of God’s feast by sharing your stories, your time, your talent and even by daring to tithe your treasure. In all of this we are stewards of what God has given us, more importantly in all of this we are stewards of the Gospel.

Download this year’s theme’s bulletin inserts:

Week 1 – The gift of Community

Week 2 – Christ Like Compassion

Week 3 – Christ Like Courage

Week 4 – A Celebration of Christ

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I Have Called You Friends – John 15:15
Giving Magazine
volume 9: Growing Joyful Stewards in Your Congregation (mailed to ELCIC congregations May 2007).

Inside see:
• I Have Called You Friends – A Stewardship Program for Your Congregation
• God the Forgiver – by Miroslav Volf
• Give of your Treasure and Your Heart Will Follow – by Mark Allen Powell
• Living as Those Jesus Loves – by Betsy Schwarzentraub
• The Growth Potential for Black Philanthropy – by Marilyn S. Fiddmont
• Connect: Giving and the Emerging Church – by Sam Brink
• Battling through Giving and Tithing to Stewardship – by Gary Moore
• Clergy and Money – by Hichele H. Morgan
Theme Poster
55 x 42.5 cm wall poster includes the theme illustration and Bible verse and will call attention all year to your stewardship focus.
Bulletin Cover
21.5 x 28 cm, single fold, front cover has theme illustration and Bible verse. Inside pages and back cover blank for your congregational information.

Bulletin Inserts

Week 1 – The gift of Community

Week 2 – Christ Like Compassion

Week 3 – Christ Like Courage

Week 4 – A Celebration of Christ

Commitment Card
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Time/Talent Commitment Sheet
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ready-to-print .pdf file with ministry checklist
ready-to-edit .doc file with ministry checklist
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2007 Annual Report Covers
43 x 28 cm, single fold, 80# stock, 2 colour—useful as a cover for your congregation's annual report. It also includes devotions to open and close your annual meeting.

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