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Our Stories

Telling our own stories
is a key element
in sharing our faith
with others.
Listen in as some
of our ELCIC members
describe their faith
journeys. Parts of
some of these stories
are featured in the
2005 Annual Report


Faith Journeys: Leah Book

My parents lived in the country. I was born into a Christian family—an older brother and a younger sister. I was baptized and my parents took to heart the vows they made at baptism. They brought me to God's house and gave me the opportunity to learn about God.

Daily devotions, morning and evening, and table prayers were part of our life. As we children grew older we were given the opportunity to take part in devotions, picking hymns, finding the bible passages and reading them. Luther's morning and evening prayers were also used. At bedtime the prayer was "let your holy angel have charge concerning us that the wicked one may have no power over us."

Mother sang a lot and we learned many hymns and gospel songs. "Now the Light has Gone Away," "God Loves Me Dearly," and '"Lord Take my Hand and Lead Me" were some of the favourite ones and told us so much about God and his love for us. We attended Saturday School and learned to read and write German. It was also the time for Christian education. The Fiebel and Biblegeschicht (the primer and Bible storybook) went hand in hand.

Another form of instruction was Sunday School by mail. This was through the Board of Christian Education of the Lutheran Church—first in German then later in English. We would get a list of questions, find the answers in the Bible, write the passage, and our own thoughts on it and mail it to Saskatoon. Sunday School by Mail also taught us stewardship. It cost a penny to mail the questions to us, so we had to share some of our allowance by sending stamps along with our answers to support Sunday School by Mail. My parents also made it important to support the church and its mission the best they could.

After confirmation instruction, I was confirmed April 2, 1944. I attended church camp where we took leadership training courses and met a lot of Christian young people. We moved to Edmonton, attended church and taught Sunday School, were active in Luther League and choir.

It was at Luther League where I met, then married my life partner. We chose as our wedding solo "Lord Take My Hand and Lead me". God had been with me, leading me till now and so I invited him to continue to walk with me as I made a new beginning. Our wedding text was Joshua 25:15 "…but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord." We attend church, brought our children to God's house and gave them the opportunity to learn about God and his love for them.

Have you been asked by someone "Are you saved?" or "Are you born again?" you should know the times and places. I can say yes. At baptism I was born again by water and the spirit. At confirmation I made a commitment to continue my life with God. I put my faith and hope in God's hands. Ephesians 2:8 "For by grace you are saved through faith and that not of yourself, it is a gift of God." We daily have to ask forgiveness for things we do wrong and daily renew our commitment of Christ. Christ was born, Christ died and rose again that you and I might have eternal life, if we but believe and put our trust in him.

-- Leah Book
Ascension, Edmonton, Alberta

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