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Long Range Faith


The famous Muenster (Church) at Ulm really impressed us when we travelled through Germany. Not so much because at 528 feet the church steeple is the tallest church steeple in the world, but that the citizens of the city of Ulm designed their church to hold 20,000 worshipers (standing of course) at a time when the total population of Ulm was only 10,000. What a sense of mission!

But what really impressed us was that it took 550 years to build the church. They knew that it would take that long. The first generation barely saw the foundation finished. Nearly 20 generations laboured and donated money to build this church. A small portion of the building was usable after 3 to 4 generations had worked at it.

Can you imagine us contributing large sums of money now and working a whole life time at a project that would not be finished until 550 years from now? I am wondering what I am doing that will even be remembered 100 years from now.

On second thought, are we not also working and contributing to a church which will be there a few hundred years from now?

We think that it is already great if our members give offerings while they are on vacation this summer so that our church will be there when they get back. But doing something now that will bring fruit in 2551 AD? I am still working on that one.

-- Pastors Hanna Schwabe and Lo Schwabe

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