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National Insurance Program

Property Insurance Program for Congregations

The ELCIC has endorsed a comprehensive property and liability insurance program for its member parishes across Canada for the past several years. This program, administered by Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc., a global insurance and risk management consulting firm, is available to all congregations, synods and the national office. Each congregation will need only one comprehensive insurance policy that will include property, liability and bonding coverage, as well as specific liability coverage for directors and officers, pastors, counselors, etc., and any other special coverage requirements.

The program provides cost savings due to the pooling of all ELCIC premiums within one national program, as well as the competitive rating structure established through partnering with insurers specializing in insuring faith-based organizations. Rates have decreased significantly in recent years. More importantly, if covered under this program, there is assurance that complete and proper insurance is in place with universal comprehensive coverage. All congregations are encouraged to examine this program.

Aon understands the ELCIC’s vision for a comprehensive national insurance program. Here are the highlights of the program:

• “All Risks” Property – covers loss or damage to insured property for “All Risks” of Direct Physical Loss or Damage except as specifically excluded. Coverage is extended to include damage caused by flood, sewer backup and earthquake.

• Boiler and Machinery – protects against sudden and accidental breakdown of pressure, mechanical, and electrical equipment causing damage to objects, and resulting damage to owned property or property under the parish’s control

• Commercial General Liability – covers the parish, its employees, volunteers and directors and officers for the legal liability imposed by law for bodily injury and/or property damage to a third party that arises from the operations of the parish, and its ownership, use, maintenance or existence of the parish premises

• Physical and Sexual Abuse – covers legal liability of the parish or its employees, volunteers, directors or officers for bodily injury arising out of or from actual or threatened abuse (physical or sexual); coverage extensions included to provide reimbursement to the alleged perpetrator of civil or criminal legal defense costs incurred, where the alleged perpetrator is found innocent or proceedings are dismissed

• Crime – covers loss inside and outside church properties, including loss resulting from employee or volunteer dishonesty

• Directors and Officers Liability – covers legal liability arising out of alleged wrongful acts, defined as any actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, error, or misrepresentation, made by directors, officers, employees, volunteers, bonafide committees or the parish itself

To obtain a price quote or request further information, please contact the corresponding Aon Reed Stenhouse insurance consultant for your synod:




ABT Synod: Edmonton

Cory Stabel
phone 780-423-94903



Josh Morgan

phone 403-267-7004


BC Synod Kamloops

Brenda Garvey

phone 250-377-2273


Eastern Synod: Toronto

Dennis Hinh

phone 416-868-4099



Natalia Vasquez

phone 514-840-7823



Nancy Walters

phone 905-421-7041



SK Synod:


Cagney Brucker

phone 306-569-6720


MNO Synod: Winnipeg

Andrew Chudley
phone: 204-934-2728


Risk Contol Bulletins – Two risk control bulletins, one on ”Cold Weather Slip and Fall Prevention for Places of Worship” and another on ”Protecting Places of Worship Fire Safety” are available in the Treasurers Resources section of the ELCIC website.



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