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Funeral Planning

While I have you thinking about funerals, think about a few things you can and should do. The first one is to make your will.

While you're at it, why not take time to talk about what you would want to have happen if you should become terminally ill and were only being kept alive by a bunch of machines? This is a very difficult and painful decision that becomes even harder if the person on the machines is in a coma, and the family is left guessing about that person's wishes.

You should also consider the form on your driver's license that allows your body to be used for medical purposes if you meet with an accidental death. Many other lives can be saved by taking time to fill in that form, if you feel that such a gesture is appropriate. There are no religious reasons why you shouldn't and some that suggest why you should.

Something else that you can do that will greatly help your family is to write down the things that you would like to have happen at your funeral. You may even want to sit down with a reputable funeral director and preplan the funeral arrangements. Many families have appreciated the thoughtfulness.


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