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Funerals can be a time for discovering the strength and hope that the Christian faith offers.

They are not for the dead but for the living.

Funerals are a time for grieving, for remembering, and for saying goodbye; for tears and sometimes also for great joy.

Sometimes they are the beginning of healing if the death was particularly tragic or if there were quarrels that were never mended or hatreds that were never forgiven.

While many people do not turn to a pastor for help with their grief, a significant number do.

At the time of a death, a pastor can give you comfort and advice and help you to prepare for the funeral.

Of course the pastor conducts the funeral, but people often are not aware of how a pastor can help afterward.

Most of our clergy are specially trained to help people who are grieving. Grief work takes a long time and can mean many visits over many months; in some cases even years. Sometimes pastors also put bereaved people in touch with each other to form a support group.


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