January/February 2004 cover image: a Dalit boy peers around the corner of a building

Vol 19 No 1 January/February 2004


National Bishops's Turn

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Indigenous Peoples—Part 3 The Strength in Small Numbers

Land, language, culture—these are the three main issues with most indigenous people all over the world. The struggle to retain or reclaim them absorbs much of their energy and resources.

Christian Education After Auschwitz

by Rev. Alan Ka Lun Lai—Being Jewish in a Christian environment isn't easy. True Christian response is challenging—and essential.

Anti-Semitism Decried

n December 2002, nine church leaders, working through the Canadian Council of Churches, called on church communities and Canadians to resist anti-Semitism.

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Beads of Hope Petition

The National Church Council Public Policy Advisory Committee encourages ELCIC members to sign a petition called "Beads of Hope."


Have you ever notices that while change paralyzes some, it pushes others right into overdrive? More

da Vinci Code Review

A controversial book is sweeping the market. Does it undermine Christianity?