April/May 2004 cover image: a small boat next to a dock is packed to overflowing with kids in lifejackets on a bright summer day.

Vol 19 No 3 April/May 2004


National Bishops's Turn

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Retire and revive?

by Sylvia Engen—Many of us will face retirement some day. What is a sensible and positive approach to this major change in our life?

Get a Life!

by Gail Northgrave—What is there to do once the kids are gone and you are settling into retirement? Is financial security all you need?

Also In this Issue:

"For the healing of the world—a look at Globalization"

by Pastor Bob Goos—An invitation to stop "over-looking" the world and start "be/holding it."

About the ELCIC

Journeys of Faith: Padre Pablo

by Rev. Paul N. Johnson—When Paul's trip took an unexpected turn, he found himself in a unique situation.

Camping! Camping! Camping!

Soon we'll be venturing outdoors, eager to drink in the beauty of God's creation. And the Lutheran camps are waiting to receive us!