March 2005 cover image: photo of a group of children taken by Rev. Katharine Bergbusch in Peru.

Vol 20 No 2 March 2005


National Bishops's Turn

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Global Mission

As we witness the aftermath of the tsunami that swept South Asia, our understanding of the interconnectedness of us all grew as the international reactions, generosity and variety of response became apparent. Now it's time for the long-term work of re-building, relocating and reconstituting thousands and thousands of shattered lives.

Concern, meanwhile, has been voiced regarding so many other international needs. Funds and other resources that might have been directed to them were rerouted to South Asia, and as a result, the ongoing, less dramatic programs have suffered.

In keeping with the international scope of our interests this past while, it's particularly appropriate that our feature article this issue spotlights the work of the ELCIC mission personnel stationed all over the world. Visit Reverend Katharine Bergbusch as she prays with a "Fiel es Dios" (God is Faithful) mission group in Peru, or Reverend Jack and Val Frederick as they clear out frogs and snakes from their office during a flood in Guyana. Elvira Sentes is spending her days working with lepers and handicapped in Thailand, while Reverend Brian Rude is involved in El Salvador, most recently with inmates in the prisons. These are just some of the servants of God working with Mission in the World.

We have had a major change at the magazine. Because of restructuring in the ELCIC, Susan Taylor has left her positions as Art Designer with Creative Services and Managing Editor of Canada Lutheran. We wish her well in her career decisions.

And, by the time this issue reaches you, we'll be into the final few weeks before Easter after six weeks of Lent. From the dark into the light. Reverend Larry Denef has written a thoughtful reflection on the Resurrection, and Esther McIlveen, with a poem, has given us a beautiful meditation on Christ. You may find them to be useful for your Easter preparation.

Spring is just around the corner. I hope the resurgence of life in the world around us is a reflection of the resurrected Lord. Happy Easter.

Ida Reichardt Backman
Interim Editor


To Spread the Word: a church in mission

by William C. Backman—ELCIC's Mission in the World has mission personnel in just about every corner of the world. Learn about some of the work being done in El Salvador, Guyana, Thailand, and more.

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Journeys of Faith: Lessons from a Funeral

by Carrie Goudie—From her experience of death, a young mother learns that life should be lived to the fullest.

Easter: more than an empty tomb

by Rev. Larry Denef—The resurrection of Our Lord is "a festival of faith," a celebration of the community.