April/May 2005 cover image: photo of spring scenery with blue sky and a path leading to a white cross in the distance

Vol 20 No 3 April/May 2005


National Bishops's Turn

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The Uncertainty of Faith

"The opposite of faith isn't doubt," I heard recently," it's certainty." Now, that's something I can live with. Not to be entirely sure is a tenuous place, but a place of growth nonetheless. If you're so sure that everything you believe is the absolute truth, how can there be room for anything to change, to become refreshed, to move?

So maybe uncertainty isn't such a bad thing. Many of us, for instance, are in a quandary over the state of many things in the world around us. In the society at large, we joined in grief over the tragic deaths of the four so very young RCMP officers who died in Alberta. Many people are angry, and see these senseless deaths as another symptom of an ineffective justice system. Within the ELCIC, feelings and opinions grow stronger around the subject of same-sex blessings as the National Convention approaches in July. It's going to be a gnarly time, and the hope is that people will come to the convention open to the Spirit, however that presents itself.

This issue of Canada Lutheran is rife with titles that focus on God: God's Time, God's Breath, Gardening God's Way, and our feature article on ecotheology—about God and the natural world we live in. I thought of changing some of these titles—all were submitted with the articles—but then thought, we are indeed surrounded by God everywhere and in every way. Why shouldn't that be reflected, albeit in a very small way, in our magazine? So we've left them, and we'll let you wander from prospect to prospect. Enjoy the spiritual stroll.

It's the Easter season of the year, the rebirth of our world, hopefully both inner and outer. The washing clean of Easter and its aftermath, the fresh start spring brings, all conspire to fill us with hope. "Spirit of God in the clear, running waters," the words of a hymn read. How true.

Ida Reichardt Backman
Interim Editor


God's Time

by Rev. Dr. Peter Mikelic—Whether it's slowing down in our day-to-day living, or waiting for our flowers to grow, attuning ourselves to "letting go and letting God" is a good idea.

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Journeys of Faith: God's Breath

by Gloria Barkley—A near death brings a parent close to God.

Gardening God's Way

by Gail Northgrave—Patience is a virtue.