June 2005 cover image: photo of labyrinth at night

Vol 20 No 4 June 2005


National Bishops's Turn

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The Letter or the Spirit?

Too often the spirit of the law is lost in rigid adherence to the letter of the law. Recently, a Winnipeg newspaper outlined the plight of a war widow whose husband, at the hands of the Canadian government, suffered extensive injuries from having been subjected to experimental chemical warfare as part of his training during WWII. Although she is currently receiving her husband's military death benefit, the government refuses to send her a $24,000 settlement because she cannot produce her husband's will. Was Charles Dickens' Mr. Bumble right? Is the law really "an ass?" Or does this woman's case deserve further deliberation? I hope the spirit of the law will prevail. The making and application of the law is a very serious responsibility, a responsibility that will face Lutherans at the National Convention this summer.

As editor of Canada Lutheran, one of my jobs is to provide a forum where readers can express opinions, discuss issues, be informed and be heard. Therefore, with the National Convention looming, we have made extra space available to accommodate a representative sampling of opinion and information relevant to the business convention delegates will consider.

As well, there's an intriguing article about labyrinths. Labyrinths aren't mazes; they're thoughtfully arranged paths, leading one to–and from–a centre point. There are more and more of them, and they're gaining more and more adherents, who use them as a contemplative tool for introspection and prayer. You might want to give one a try.

And we didn't forget Father's Day. We have a heartwarming story about a dad who prayed for help in an Idaho ditch, and another good father who methodically taught each of his six children to "do their best". Both stories reflect the profound influence a "St. Joseph" father has on his children.

Because we want you to have as prompt coverage of the National Convention as possible, your next issue will arrive a little late. Watch for it in August.

Ida Reichardt Backman