July/August 2005 cover image: photo of Tenth Biennial National Convention

Vol 20 No 5 July/August 2005


National Bishops's Turn

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Best Laid Plans...

With planning in full swing for the ELCIC National Convention well under way, everyone involved was working at fever pitch. Timelines were sensibly set out, and everyone was meeting their deadlines, Canada Lutheran included. We decided to hold back this issue to allow for coverage of the convention; we wanted our readers to get the news as soon as possible. As much of the issue as was possible was done in early July, leaving just a few days in the week after the convention to do the final layout for that section.

Those were the best laid plans. But while trying to fix something at my home out of town, I fell and broke my leg. That simple misjudgment on my part, (okay, I was standing on a picnic table at the time), apart from the obvious incapacity, etc., meant others who already had a lot to do had to step up to the plate and pick up the slack for me. Everyone helped, without exception.

The good news is you have a wider interpretation of the convention, with a variety of writers and photographers. You'll get a sense of all that went on, and can join in the celebration of a vibrant, intelligent group of delegates, visitors, volunteers and guests. And I'm grateful for the wonders of technology so that I can participate in this part of the process–from home but connected by email and internet.

I hope you enjoy the issue. We're looking forward to the 20th anniversary of Canada Lutheran, and are excited about some changes we'll make to give you an even better magazine.

Ida Reichardt Backman