October/November 2005 cover image: photo of castle taken by William C. Backman

Vol 20 No 7 October/November 2005


National Bishops's Turn

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Life's Events

"Life does not accommodate you, it shatters you."* How we wish this weren't so. And yet how very true this statement is. The shattering happens in different ways for each of us—it can be psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, or all at the same time.

It's been almost a year since the devastating tsunami in Southeast Asia turned the world upside down, affecting the lives of millions of people. Many of us responded to this shattering event, some with money, some with prayers, and some with time. More recently, Hurricane Katrina caught the US unprepared as it wrought huge losses on the southern states. "How can we help?" is often the first thing we think of. And, as often, this is the most difficult thing to figure out; how exactly can we effect some positive influence? This issue focusses on a person who felt drawn to physically go and help the tsunami victims. How he arrived at this decision is edifying.

Also in this issue, we showcase the second-prize winner of the LutheransWrite contest. Rev. Peter Fischer, with his essay, "A House Called 'Lutheranism'", helps celebrate Reformation Day, October 30.

I hope you enjoy our October&November issue. Blessings as you enter into the Advent season.

Ida Reichardt Backman Editor

* This quote is taken from the book, The Measure of My Days by Florida Scott-Maxwell. An accomplished writer and psychologist, she wrote the book when she was 85.